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A doctoral programme that aims to create future leaders, researchers, and professors. Watch Dr. Snehal Shah, Chairperson, FPM, talk about the Fellow Programme in Management at SPJIMR.

SPJIMR hosted the PRME forum between 12- 14 December, 2018 in Mumbai, India.

The theme of the conference was “SUSTAINABLE FUTURES Partnering in Responsible Management Education"

SPJIMR hosted the 12th Annual ISDSI Conference from December 27-30, 2018 at SPJIMR, Mumbai. 

The theme of this international conference was “Data Driven Decision Making in the Digital Age”. 


Faculty Name Topic/Title Publication Published Date Weblink
Prof. Vineeta Dwivedi Work from Home (WFH) and the Employee Engagement Challenge Economic Times (HR World) August 12, 2021 Link
Prof. Jagdish Rattanani & Sudarshan Iyengar 'Relevance of Gandhian Economic Order The Navhind Times August 10, 2021 Link
Dr. Tulsi Jayakumar What India’s labour force survey actually says about employment Mint August 03, 2021 Link
Dr. R. K. Pattnaik The flip-side to building forex reserves The Hindu Business Line July 25, 2021 Link
Prof. Vineeta Dwivedi Will Union Cabinet Expansion With New Women Ministers Be Harbinger Of Good Change? Outlook July 24, 2021 Link
Dr. Hemant Manuj What critics of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code get wrong about the recovery model The Print July 23, 2021 Link
Dr. Renuka Kamath Nurturing a healthy mentor-mentee relationship BLoC- BusinessLine On Campus July 22, 2021 Link
Dr. Tulsi Jayakumar Creating job-creators requires us to celebrate failure Mint July 15, 2021 Link
Prof. Deepa Krishnan How to help India’s farmers strategy + business July 12, 2021 Link
Dr. Dinyar Patel ‘The Horde’: Marie Favereau rewrites the conventional history of the Mongol conquerors Scroll.in July 11, 2021 Link
Dr. Tulsi Jayakumar Is India’s current account surplus a reason to rejoice? The New Indian Express July 08, 2021 Link
Prof. R. Jayaraman The ‘Advance Warning’ and ‘Pandemic Building’ metrics to prepare for Covid’s third wave The Hindu BusinessLine June 30, 2021 Link
Dr. R K Pattnaik Sustaining the nascent economic recovery The Hindu BusinessLine, June 27, 2021 Link
Dr. Dinyar Patel Khurshedben Naoroji: The singer who preached nonviolence to bandits BBC News June 27, 2021 Link
Dr. Preeta George Executive education engine drives continuous learning The Hindu Business Line (On Campus) June 23, 2021 Link
Dr Disha Bhanot Revisiting Ayushman Bharat Scheme: Win-win or win-lose? Forbes India June 18, 2021 Link
Dr. Tulsi Jayakumar Where is the consumer confidence? The New Indian Express June 15, 2021 Link
Dr. Tulsi Jayakumar What Korea’s game of gathering eyeballs can teach us Mint June 10, 2021 Link
Dr. Dinyar Patel Himalayan Histories The India Forum June 04, 2021 Link
Dr. R K Pattnaik Fault lines in RBI’s surplus transfer to govt The Hindu BusinessLine June 01, 2021 Link

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Faculty Name with co authors Topic/Title Publishers/Presentation Details Published Date Weblink
Dr. Dinyar Patel One-Man Lobby’? Propaganda, Nationalism in the Diaspora, and the India League of America During the Second World War The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History August 10, 2021 Link
Rishi Sabarigirisan, Aditi Biswas, Ridhi Rohatgi, Shyam KC & Dr. Shekhar Shukla Leveraging blockchain based decentralized apps for the Tokyo Olympics amid the COVID-19 pandemic : A value-focused thinking based assessment and ideation First Monday July 22, 2021 Link
Edward J. Oughton, Dr. Ashutosh Jha Supportive 5G Infrastructure Policies are Essential for Universal 6G: Assessment Using an Open-Source Techno-Economic Simulation Model Utilizing Remote Sensing IEEE Access July 15, 2021 Link
Dr. Saswat Patra Revisiting value-at-risk and expected shortfall in oil markets under structural breaks: The role of fat-tailed distributions Energy Economics July 14, 2021 Link
Rashmi G. Shukla, Anuja Agarwal, Vidhu Shekhar Leveraging Blockchain Technology for Indian Healthcare system: An assessment using value-focused thinking approach Journal of High Technology Management Research June 29, 2021 Link
Sirus Sharifi, Arunima Haldar, S. V. D. Nageswara Rao An empirical examination of the relationship between credit risk management, size, profitability, and ownership of Indian banks International Journal of Managerial and Financial Accounting June 25, 2021 Link
Dr.Lijo John & Anand Gurumurthy Are quantity flexibility contracts with discounts in the presence of spot market procurement relevant for the humanitarian supply chain? An exploration Annals of Operations Research June 14, 2021 Link
Dr. Anshul Verma Achieving Financial Inclusion through ICT in India: A Systematic Review Empirical Economics Letters June 02, 2021 Link
Prof. Dinyar Patel Caught between Two Nationalisms: The Iran League of Bombay and the political anxieties of an Indian minority Modern Asian Studies May 31, 2021 Link
Tania Ghossein, Bernard Hoekman, Anirudh Shingal Public Procurement, Regional Integration, and the Belt and Road Initiative World Bank Research Observer May 21, 2021 Link
Anirudh Shingal Public Procurement, Regional Integration, and the Belt and Road Initiative World Bank Research Observer May 21, 2021 Link
Prof. Monika Gupta. A Fuzzy Decision-making Approach to Evaluate CO2 Emissions Reduction Policies Global Business Review May 19, 2021
Prof. R. Jayaraman An Empirical Study of Delays in Large Engineering Projects: An Indian Experience Jindal Journal of Business Research April 29, 2021 Link
Dr. Tulsi Jayakumar Aditya Gandhi and Gandhi jewels: earning a place in the family business (Part A) Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies April 27, 2021 Link
Ashutosh Jha & Debashis Saha Mobile Broadband for Inclusive Connectivity: What Deters the High-Capacity Deployment of 4G-LTE Innovation in India? Information Systems Frontiers April 14, 2021 Link
Vinay Goyal and Subrata K. Mitra Is the asymmetric impact of aggregate revenue and aggregate earnings on the stock index in accordance with the prospect theory? International Review of Finance April 02, 2021 Link
Prof. Shalini and Dharma Raju Bathini Microtargeting control: Explicating algorithmic control and nudges in platform‐mediated cab driving in India New Technology, Work & Employment March 17, 2021 Link
FPM 2016 scholar- Ambika Prasad Nanda and Dr. Ranjan Banerjee Consumer’s subjective financial well-being: A systematic review and research agenda International Journal of Consumer Studies March 16, 2021 Link
Aditi S Divatia, Jyoti Tikoria, Sunil Lakdawala Emerging trends and impact of business intelligence & analytics in organizations: Case studies from India Business Information Review March 01, 2021 Link
Dr. Rajiv Agarwal Sunil Kapoor at SK Industries: Managing Family Businesses SAGE Publications: SAGE Business Cases Original January 04, 2021 Link

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Faculty Name with co authors Topic/Title Publishers/Presentation Details Published Date Weblink
Dr. Tulsi Jayakumar Google Play Store in India: Playing with Networks Ivey May 28, 2021 Link
Prof. Tulsi Jayakumar iD Fresh Food: Scripting a Fresh Story Ivey April 14, 2021 Link
Prof. Tulsi Jayakumar iD Fresh Food: Scripting a Fresh Story Ivey April 14, 2021 Link
Prof. Tulsi Jayakumar and Prof. Jagdish Rattanani Unilever’s Fair & Lovely In India: Fairness Matters Ivey January 14, 2021 Link
Prof. Rajiv Agarwal Managing Expectations and Stakeholders: Harsh Ahuja’s Family Dilemma SAGE Business Cases January 04, 2021 Link
Prof. Malay Krishna and Prof. Sunny Arora Serum Institute of India: COVID-19 Vaccine Pricing Ivey December 15, 2020 Link
Prof. Malay Krishna and Ms. Pooja Mhapsekar ITC Hotels: Is Responsible Luxury Sustainable? Ivey September 18, 2020 Link
Dr. Rakhi Thakur Metro Cash & Carry: Profitability in the Indian Market Ivey July 15, 2020 Link
Prof. Ekta Sinha and Dr. Mihir Ajgaonkar The Infosys Saga: An Indian IT Giant Faces a Leadership Crisis Asian Case Research Journal June 01, 2020 Link
Dr. Sheila Roy and Dr. Renuka Kamath Born on the internet, how should Suta grow? Emerald – Emerging Market Case Studies January 04, 2020 Link
Dr. Tulsi Jayakumar and Dr. Sushmita Srivastava Walmart's Flipkart Acquisition: A Showstopper Deal? Ivey October 03, 2019 Link
Prof. S. Vasudev Rao, Prof. Amol S. Dhaigude and Prof. Debmallya ChatterjeeS. Vasudev Rao, Amol S. Dhaigude and Debmallya Chatterjee Spectrum Industries: International Market Entry Journal of International Business Education August 12, 2019 Link
Dr. Tulsi Jayakumar Natural Ice Cream: Professionalizing a Family Business Ivey July 17, 2019 Link
Dr. Ashita Aggarwal, Sulakshana "Lulu" Raghavan, Ruchi Gunewardene John Keells Hotels in Sri Lanka: Building Brand Architecture Ivey July 05, 2019 Link
Dr. Hemant Manuj Bhushan Steel: a creditworthy company turned insolvent Emerald – Emerging Market Case Studies June 26, 2019 Link
Dr. Rakhi Thakur Future Retail: Acquisition Spree and Beyond Ivey January 09, 2019 Link
Dr. Ruppal Walia Sharma, Mridula S. Mishra Greenco Enterprises India Pvt. Ltd.: Market Strategy for Frozen Snacks Ivey November 16, 2018 Link
Dr. Sajeev A. George co-authored with Latika Tejwani, Anubha Kachhawa Saini, Nikhil Pathak & Nimish Suntej Engineering: A Struggle to stay afloat in the face of competition Emerald Publishing Limited November 12, 2018 Link
Dr. Mihir Ajgaonkar & Dr. Keith D'Souza The Muktangan story (Part A): An organizational study; and The Muktangan story (Part B): Winds of Change Emerald Publishing Limited October 15, 2018 Link
Dr. Tulsi Jayakumar, Dr. Ranjan Banerjee Cricket Australia: Leadership in Crisis Ivey October 10, 2018 Link

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Faculty Name with co authors Research Paper Topic/TitlePublishers/Presentation Details Published Date
Dr. Amit Jain Strategic Action Field at Play: Enhancing the labor participation of PwDs in India Academy of Management Annual Meeting August 04, 2021
Dr. Amit Jain Understanding versus Liking: Disability Dissimilarity as Predictor of Idiosyncratic Deals Academy of Management Annual Meeting August 04, 2021
Dr. Mihir Ajgaonkar, DR. Debasis Mallik, Dr. Keith D'Souza, Ms. Sanjana Khosla Career Anchors and motivational expectancies of Prospective Indian Managers First virtual Global Conference on Innovation in Management and Business (GCIMB) July 28, 2021
Dr. Bikramjit Ray Chaudhuri In search of an innovative organization: Narrative analysis and storytelling as tools from a postmodernism perspective First virtual Global Conference on Innovation in Management and Business (GCIMB) July 28, 2021
Dr. Anil Vadiya Transfer Learning In Ai Is A Way Forward For User Organizations! 16th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies June 26, 2021
Dr. Sumita Datta and Dr. Snehal Shah A Journey Towards Developing An Inclusive Workplace: The Case of Cummins India EURAM 2021 June 18, 2021
Dr. Monika Gupta Modelling the impact of Weather Conditions on Passenger Mobility Virtual International Association of Energy Economics (IAEE)- 2021 June 09, 2021
Dr. Anil Vadiya Is Operations & Supply Chain Blockchain Plateauing? POMS 31st Annual Conference Online April 30, 2021
Prof. Bindu Vivek Kulkarni Understanding learning styles to enhance learning outcomes-Does it matter in development of management education in the virtual environment? International Conference on Role of HR in the New Normal April 09, 2021
Dr. Tulsi Jayakumar & Dr. Sunny Arora No Cost EMI: Will she now buy? The Effect of an Oscillating Decoy on Consumer Choice 2021 AMA Winter Academic Conference February 21, 2021

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Faculty Name Topic/TitleDate Weblink
Sapna Malya Accounting for business, life and beyond June 22, 2020 Link
Anil Vishnu Vaidya Don’t shy away from Machine Learning! May 16, 2020 Link
Sushmita Srivastava Where does the Impetus for Entrepreneurial Success come from? October 14, 2019 Link
Deepa Krishnan Like a Girl August 26, 2019 Link
M.S. Rao The secular Indian May 7, 2019 Link
Sarabjeet Natesan My last Blog February 8, 2019 Link
Sarabjeet Natesan The carrier of my tales, the keeper of my destiny February 7, 2019 Link
R Jayaraman Performance 4.0 is nearer than what you think December 17, 2018 Link

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Faculty Name with co authors Book Title Publisher Published Date Weblink
Swami Dayananda Saraswati (Author), Prof. Surya Tahora (Translator) Bhagavad Gita: Bhagavad Gita Study Course - Volume 2 Discover Vedanta Publications March 21, 2021 Link
Prof. R. Gopalakrishnan and Dr. Tulsi Jayakumar How Uday Kotak Built A Valuable Indian Bank Rupa Publications February 10, 2021 Link
Prof. R. Gopalakrishnan and Prof. M. Suresh Rao How Harsh Mariwala 'Groomed' Marico Rupa Publications February 10, 2021 Link
Prof. R. Gopalakrishnan and Dr. Vidyut Lata Dhir How Deepak Parekh Grew HDFC Group Exponentially Rupa Publications February 10, 2021 Link
Dr. Rajiv Agarwal Management Lessons from the Masters: Persevere and Prevail like Mukesh Ambani Rupa Publications November 10, 2020 Link
Prof. Dr. Debraj Ghosal and Mr. Soumya Chakraborty Zoom's Exponential Growth -Globally and in Indian Market Strategic Management" latest 5th edition October 05, 2020 Link
Dr. Surya Tahora Vivre la Vision de l'Un: explorer la réalité et grandir Discover Vedanta Publications July 26, 2020 Link
Dr. Sumita Datta and Dr. Snehal Shah Satisficing career choices of Indian women managers Career Dynamics in a Global World: Indian and Western Perspectives May 29, 2020
Book Chapter by Rashmi G Shukla, Anuja Agarwal and Dr. Shekhar Shukla Chapter 10 - Blockchain-Powered Smart Healthcare System Handook of Research on Blockchain Technology (1st Edition) February 28, 2020
Mr. R Gopalakrishnan & Prof. Pallavi Mody How Anil Naik Built L&T's Remarkable Growth Trajectory Rupa Publications India February 03, 2020 Link
Mr. R Gopalakrishnan & Prof. Tulsi Jayakumar How TCS Built an Industry for India Rupa Publications India February 03, 2020 Link
Dr. Rajiv Agarwal MANAGEMENT LESSONS FROM THE MASTERS: Believe to Succeed like Azim Premji Rupa Publications India December 05, 2019 Link
Dr. Rajiv Agarwal Succeed to Inspire like the Tatas Rupa Publications India August 14, 2019 Link
Dr. Surya Tahora and Dr. Snehal Shah Vedanta Philosophy’s Contribution to Wisdom Development for Leadership: Grounding Indian Practical Wisdom in Higher Knowledge and Purpose Applying Wisdom to Contemporary World Problems-Palgrave Macmillan July 11, 2019
Dr. Rajiv Agarwal Management Lessons From The Masters: Lead With Purpose Like Anand Mahindra Amazon May 24, 2019 Link
Dr. Rajiv Agarwal Think, Lead and Strategize Like Kumar Mangalam Birla available on Amazon May 14, 2019 Link
Dr. Tulsi Jayakumar & Prof. R Gopalakrishnan Created by business, for business The Bombay Plan: Blueprint for Economic Resurgence November 20, 2018 Link
R Gopalakrishnan and Dr. Ranjan Banerjee "The Made In India Manager; Understanding The Success Of the Indian Manager Abroad" Amazon October 22, 2018 Link
Prof. Debraj Ghosal International Business Hero MotoCorp Pearson publishers September 01, 2018
Prof. Abbasali S. Gabula Keep Walking! Keep Listening! Keep Serving! Amazon January 11, 2018 Link

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