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  • Do you have dreams? I had … many …I wanted to study in the best B-School of India or one of the best abroad. I wanted to know different cultures and study/ work with people of different nationalities. I wanted to live in Paris, I wanted international work experience. I wanted to travel to all the exotic destinations I have seen in movies or have read about. But most important, I wanted to grow as a person, break barriers of country, gender and mind. I knew after MBA, I would eventually become a manager but what I was aspiring for was much more than this. I wanted to be a Global Leader. As they say, dreams come true. Many of mine did with GMP at SPJIMR, Mumbai; IMBA @ IESEG, Paris; Product Marketing Intern @ Nissan Benelux, Belgium. I Travelled to 6 countries, around 25 cities and, with discovered new places, discovered myself too daily. I know I still have miles to go before I sleep but GMP showed me the light to the path I have to walk.

    • Priyanka Yadav
    • Marketing Operations Pricing Officer at Nissan Motor Corporation
  • The decision to choose GMP was the best decision I ever made and this decision made the real me! At IÉSEG, I met students from more than 30 different countries. I was living in a house with 8 different nationalities, this experience was a real global experience and today I have close friends from every continent on this planet with whom I share many beautiful memories! The journey was hard but the learning, experience and result was totally worth it, if you’re someone who doesn’t give up and keeps trying, GMP is the place for you.


    • Pratik Renuse
    • Marketing and Advertising Berlin, Berlin
  • When I first heard that SPJIMR is launching a new programme with partner university ESB Reutlingen, Germany, I became excited and took a bold decision to join the new programme.
    Now, when I look back I feel it was the right decision that I took and had such an amazing learning experience. Today, I am helping clients in taking the right business decisions but in a more logical and structured manner (thanks to the learning experience from the programme and problem solving tools used at Mckinsey). I feel that the international exposure and sensitivity with different cultures experienced during the programme is proving extremely helpful while collaborating with teams and clients located globally.

    • Raman Bhatia
    • Senior Consultant Strategy & Operations Deloitte India
  • I can truly relate to this quote from John Dewey when I think about the GMP programme. He said 'Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself'.
    This programme has been a transformational journey for me both professionally and personally. The combination of academic excellence and international exposure provided me with the apt launch pad into the global business arena.

    Today, I feel proud to be part of this International network and would like to thank the team behind this programme for their exceptional contributions.

    • Samriddhi Sharma
    • India - Head of Business Development, HABA Family of Companies, Germany
  • GMP is international in the true sense. Not only do you get to study from the best faculty, you also have an opportunity to be part of an alumni network that spans across countries with the partner colleges having students from all over the world. I made really good friends during my study at Germany and I believe the courses I took at SP Jain and ESB Business School really help me a lot in the work that I do every day.

    • Shikhar Tandon
    • Chief Technology officer- Sharing Tribes LLC
  • Working in a truly global and diverse environment was a dream come true when I was able to secure an Internship in Washington DC with the World Bank Group, the world’s leading international development organisation.
    The place is really bright and you get to work with the best people. The workforce is truly diverse in gender, nationality and ethnic background. I applied through the university career portal at ESB Reutlingen and received a call few days later for a telephonic interview. Three case studies followed the interview and I was called for a 6 month Internship at the Financial Management Department (CFPFM) of the Concessional Finance and Global Partnerships vice presidential Unit. CFPFM handles the risk management function for the Trust Fund Portfolio of the World Bank. Business at the World Bank is unique compared to a private enterprise. The World Bank carries out its operations through its 3 lending arms, the IBRD, the IDA and the IFC, catering to the specific needs of their customers. The bank receives contributions from its donors and invests these in international capital markets until the funds are disbursed. The Internship opportunity provided a chance to learn about developmental economics and World Bank’s prudent financial governance structure.

    • Rahul Gupta
    • Consultant -World Bank, GMP 2010-11 (ESB)
  • I am one of the luckiest students to get an internship. I got a call from an HR manager of AREVA who saw my profile in the IESEG Student brochure. After a brief conversation on the phone with the reporting manager, I was invited for an interview in Paris.
    I prepared myself very well for the interview but it was a big surprise when I reached there. I came to know that I was already selected for the post and was called to have a lunch together and was given a briefing about my roles and responsibilities. I'm doing the internship since July and it’s really interesting to see the cultural difference. The French way of working is very simple. They 'trust' and 'empower' you even if you are not a permanent employee.


    • Arunkumar Rathinavelu
    • Program Launch Manager -Faurecia
  • I saw the course as a journey that no other institute would offer me. There is apprehension about finding jobs in Europe but the fact remains that it gives you a platform to explore possibilities outside India.

    • Naveen Prasad
    • Founder - Stealth Start-up
  • Doing my MIB (Specialisation in Finance) at IESEG was an enriching experience. A truly international place, and an open opportunity to meet the fantastic students from around the world.
    Not only in terms of what I learnt but also how quick it pushed me to get a swift transition into the field of Finance especially because I was one of the luckiest students to get an opportunity to do an internship for 2 months for a leading trading firm on Wall Street in the US.

    I applied to this trading firm through and was invited for a phone interview from an HR manager of SMB Capital (trading through T3 Trading group) after I had submitted the answers for a set of questions, which are asked to new intraday traders for prescreening. After this, I had two more phone interviews and after a month’s time, I received an internship invite letter from the HR to come to their trading desk in the financial district of New York City for a period of 2 months. I did the internship from July until September and it was interesting to experience the cultural difference between the American and the French way of doing things. Also this was the best chance to educate myself as an elite trader from the top traders on the street. Now I am back in France to do my next internship as an Analyst in the Investments division of the leading French bank, BNP Paribas at Paris. I am highly confident that this intercontinental experience in a very short span of time will take me to new heights in the field of finance in the near future.


    • Ramanatha Krishnan
    • Basel Measurement and Analytics - OTC Derivatives - JP Morgan Chase & Co
  • Undoubtedly GMP ( Formerly PGCIM ) is an exceptional opportunity to equip oneself with industry-relevant business practices through the guidance of some of the most industry wide experienced faculty. What's more, it allows you to be a part of a strong and growing alumni network.

    • Abhay Tandon
    • Program & Partnership Manager -Target Accelerator Program
  • I would rate the GMP as an upcoming star in the BCG matrix. The opportunities of working in challenging roles are many. It is an experience to cherish. I wish everyone joining the course the best of luck and would just remind you always to simply believe in your capabilities without doubting them, and have a strong work ethic. Nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams. So dream big and have fun becoming an MBA.

    • Bestin George Thomas
    • Senior Management Consultant-Advisory at EY
  • Before joining GMP, as I was working at Hindustan Unilever Ltd, and I faced a lot of questions about my decision of quitting a job at the country's best FMCG company.
    But my stint at SPJIMR made my fears fade. The level and quality of business knowledge that I acquired, has strongly guided me ever after to further uplift my career. Thanks again for all your support and good wishes!.

    • Deepak Anand
    • Global Business Unit Partner (Technology) at Beiersdorf AG
  • To pursue foreign education is a popular choice in India among sections of society that can afford it. The USA and UK are preferred destinations for reasons of language familiarity and a significantly large existing Indian community. This being said, I chose to pursue education in Germany through the joint programme offered by ESB Reutlingen and SPJIMR Mumbai for reasons that are primarily subjective. I felt it necessary for myself to be exposed to another culture, a different work environment, and a new language. The programme offered me an excellent opportunity to learn and adapt to a way of life and in the process gain an international work-experience that I consider valuable. The dual programme helped me compare and contrast my experience in India and Germany (Europe I should say) and build a perspective on economic and business challenges. ESB Reutlingen met all of my learning requirements through letting me choose the topics I wanted more insight on, organising job fairs and informal get-togethers with business representatives from different fields, offering administrative assistance in securing internships, thesis opportunities, and timely advice on procedures most of us were not familiar with e.g. obtaining work permits, decoding clauses in contractual agreements etc. Although in hindsight, I would have probably preferred about 10 classroom programmes against the current stipulated 5, as I greatly appreciated the slower pace of teaching; it helped create a deeper understanding rather than a quick overview. This teaching methodology backed with an excellent set of professors, who are all experts in their chosen fields, made it a wholesome experience for me and I feel adequately prepared to lead a professional life in Germany.

    • Raghav Ramji
    • CAPEX Specialist at Magneti Marelli - Automotive Lighting GmbH
  • GMP has come as a life changer. A lot of learning at SP Jain Institute of Management and Research was followed by international exposure at IESEG, Paris.
    I am fortunate enough to be awarded the prestigious Charpak scholarship from the French government which has helped me to work towards my passion which is entrepreneurship. I have a simple philosophy of chasing my dreams and this course provided me the right direction.

    • Rahul Malhotra
    • Strategic Planner at Zalando SE
  • Good managers need new perspectives... And that is exactly what GMP gives you... Living abroad gives your thinking a whole new dimension.
    You realise the vast differences in cultures, business strategies and risk appetites. Having lived in India, France and now Germany, I can now understand how strategy evolves with evolving markets and socio-economic characteristics of a country. 

    • Parixit Naik
    • Marketing Manager - UK at Trusted Shops
  • GMP is not just another MBA programme but an experience. The number of people, from various backgrounds, cultures, and countries you meet is unparalleled.
    I believe the course added perspective and knowledge through both class room training as well as the international exposure. The opportunities afterwards are limitless.

    • Rajal Patel
    • Geomarketing Manager at Decathlon, India
  • SPJIMR International MBA programme (GMP) has been an experience that has not only helped me realise and polish my strengths, but also matured me as an individual. A balanced mix of international and Indian courses makes this course a unique opportunity for individuals who are ready to come out of their comfort zone and change for the better in life. When I say come out of COMFORT zone, I really mean it because the course structure exposes an individual to a totally different social setting and environment. Those taking this course should keep this in mind that it won’t be like a typical cake walk in classical MBA programmes back in India. It will be challenging and with one’s own share of ups and downs. But in the end indeed the results are much better as compared to classical MBA programmes run back in India. Personally, I’ll recommend this course with full confidence. 

    • Siddharth Saboo
    • Sr Consultant -CAMELOT Management Consultants
  • GMP has been a medium for me to reach my career goals faster overcoming all the limits.
    The journey has not been easy but with a combination of global exposure, excellent faculty, appropriate pedagogical formulas and the right mindset it has unleashed that spirit of how to win alive in this hyper-competitive market.

    • Avana Maity
    • Financial Analyst - Energy Operations at TE Connectivity
  • Overall, GMP gives you a head start towards making the right choice for your international career along with the opportunity to be part of an alumni network globally.

    • Nikhil Kumar
    • Senior Business Improvement Manager Zalando SE
  • This programme brought me the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the SPJIMR family as well as the IESEG Alumni and helped me to garner skills and concepts of management, marketing and sales in an international context. Studying in an international multicultural environment represented by students of several nationalities enabled me to think and work globally. The course aims to prepare us, the next generation managers, for the international business in the age of globalisation, and I am proud to be a part of it.

    • Pranaw Vatsal
    • Business Analyst Tata Consultancy Services
  • In the words of Bobby Unser, "Success is where preparation and opportunity meet". Well, that is what the SPJIMR’s GMP programme (then PGCIM) turned out to be for me. It was the right platform with a wonderful opportunity to make an international career. There is still a dearth of talent in Europe and for someone who is willing to go that extra mile, there are a lot of opportunities.

    • Gaurav Madan
    • Sr. Business Consultant, Adidas Group, Germany

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