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A rich and lively student-teacher interaction is at the heart of SPJIMR's success. Our faculty members are known to be great teachers, who can bring alive the subject, encourage critical thinking and offer a wider, holistic perspective that is critical in today's complex business environment.

Our faculty members are drawn from academia, industry, government sector and non-profits. Collectively, they bring in a wide range of experience in building and delivering knowledge and skills to prepare participants for leadership roles.

The teaching-learning process at SPJIMR is vastly enriched by a series of non-classroom initiatives through which our faculty help build among participants the right attitudes to enable them lead with purpose, meaning and with an idea of service to society.

We have more than 53 full time faculty members, of which 36 are PhDs. The average experience of the core faculty is over 18 years, with several who have come to academics after years of experience as practitioners. In addition, we have around 20 adjunct faculty and several more visiting faculty who engage with participants of various courses.


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Dr. Keith C. D'Souza


Areas of experience

  • Academic teaching in the areas of Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Development, and Organization Development
  • Consulting and research in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Development
  • Academic Administration
  • Management practice in the areas of HRD and OD


  • Fellow (Doctorate) in Management with specialization in Organizational Behaviour, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, 1988
  • Masters (PGDIR & PM)  in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations XLRI Jamshedpur, 1978
  • B.A. (History, Economics, Political Science),  Mysore University, 1976

Employment reference

Thirty-eight years of experience covering academic teaching and administration, research, and consulting in management and human resource development, and management level employment in the corporate sector, in the following positions (in reverse chronological order)

  • Professor of Organizational Behavior and HRM, People and Performance Area, SPJIMR (2007 to date)
  • Director – Human Touch HR and OD Services (2005-2007)
  • Vice-President – Organization Development, Wockhardt Limited (2003-2005)
  • Director – Organization Effectiveness, Pfizer Limited (2005-2007)
  • Chief Human Resources Officer, Epicenter Technologies Limited (2003)
  • Associate Vice-President (Human Resources),  Ion Exchange India Limited (1998-2003)
  • Head of HR, DHL Worldwide Express, India (1997-1998)
  • Faculty Member (Associate Professor and then Professor of Organizational Behaviour) and Dean-Academics, XLRI Institute of Management (1986-1997)
  • Executive Director, Academy of Human Resource  Development, Ahmedabad, on deputation from XLRI  (1992-1994)



Dr. Keith C. D'Souza



  • “ Literature Survey on Career Choices of Successors In Family Businesses In India”,  coauthor with Rajiv Agarwal and Arya Kumar.  “Journal of Applied Management and Investments, 5(1), 2016, pp 1-19.
  • “Successors in Indian Business Families: A DemographAppeic Sample Study”, coauthor with Rajiv Agarwal and Arya Kumar,  Journal of Applied Management and Investments, 4(4), 2015,  pp 201-208.
  • A Study Of The Factors Influencing Successors’ Choices In Indian Family-Managed Businesses”, coauthor with  Rajiv Agarwal, and Arya Kumar, Journal of Applied Management and Investments4(3), 2015, pp 128-136.
  • “Managerial Work Values of Aspiring Gen Y Managers”, coauthor with Ravindra Dey, International Journal of Management Development and Training, 1(1), March 2014, pp 118-133.
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  • “Organizations as Agents of Social Change” Vikalpa, 9(3) pp 233-257 (1984).
  •  “QWL: An Evolutionary Perspective” Abhigyan pp 1-15 (1984).

Chapters in Edited Books:

  • “OD Values in Family Owned Business in India.” Coauthor with Ravindra Dey and Sheba Mathew. In T.V. Rao and Anil Khandelwal (eds.):  HRD, OD, and Institution Building: Essays in Memory of Udai Pareek.  New Delhi: Sage, 2016.
  • “Some Issues Relating to the Structuring of the HRD Function in Indian Organizations,” in T.V. Rao et al (eds) :  Alternative Approaches and Strategies of Human Resource Development, Jaipur : Rawat Publications, 1988. 
  • “Role of HRD for Workers in the New Context ,” (coauthor with Rakesh Kumar) in T.V. Rao et al (eds): HRD in the New Economic Environment, New Delhi :  Tata McGraw Hill, 1994, 309 – 313.
  • “Development of HRD Professionals through Distance Education” (coauthor with T.V. Rao and Mini Nath), 1992
  • “Organizational Assessment, “ in D. Sarupriya, T.V. Rao and P. Sethummadhavan (eds) :  Measuring Organizational Climate, Hyderabad :  Academy of HRD, 1996.
  • “Organization Development : An Introduction,”  in S. Ramnarayan, T.V. Rao and Kuldeep Singh :  OD Interventions and Strategies, New Delhi : Response Books, 1998. 

Cases (published):

  • “AGV: Crisis at the Top”.  Coauthored with Rajiv Agarwal and Arun Jacob Kumbluvelil.  Ivey Publishing, 2014 (One of the ten top selling cases worldwide, as on July 28, 2016)

Cases (unpublished):

  • “Shankar: A Case Study in Personal Growth”
  • “The Blind Men’s Association of Ahmadabad” (coauthor with Hari Das)
  • “The Case of the Peeved Professor”
  • “Upstart Technologies Private Limited”
  • “Nascent Technologies”

 Books / Reports:

  • Asian Seminar on Rural Development : Evaluation of the Indian Experience (co-editor with M.L. Dantwala and Ranjit Gupta),  Oxford and IBH, New Delhi, 1986
  • Human Resource Development (Vol 1-4) (coauthor with Udai Pareek and T.V. Rao),  Course Material - School of Management Studies, Indira Gandhi National Open University, 1990
  • Repositioning HRD: The Contemporary Issues (coeditor with G Venkataswamy, S Bannerjea & P Ramachandran).  National HRD Network, Calcutta, 1995
  • Education and Training for the Informal Sector, (co-author with Osei Boeh-Ocansey, Graciela Messina, and Henry Oketch), Overseas Development Administration of the Government of UK, 1995
  • Empowering Workers through HRD (coeditor with G Upadhyaya & R Kumar).  Allied Publishers, New Delhi, 1997

Conference Papers Presented:

  • “A Comparative Analysis of the Behavioral Profiles of Operations Versus Non-Operations Management Professionals “ (with Sheba Mathew). Presentation at SPJIMR-POMS India Chapter Conference on Big-Data Analytics for Optimizing Supply Chains, S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, July 30, 2016
  • “Leadership Styles of Leader Role Models of Gen Y Prospective Managers Studying in B-Schools” (with Ravindra Dey). Paper presented at the 8th Doctoral Thesis Conference, IBS, Hyderabad, April 23, 2015
  • “Relevance and Practice of Traditional OD Values In A Globalizing Business Environment” (with Ravindra Dey). International Conference on:  Globalization: The Way Ahead, Xavier Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai, March 21, 2013.
  • “Profiling the Locus of Control for Different Groups of Employees: Evidence from India” (with Upasna Aggarwal and Usha Chavali.  12th International HRM Conference, “Dream, Discover, Dare: Innovations in the Global Village: Role of International HRM", MDI Gurgaon, December 10-13, 2012.
  • “Role of HRD for Workers in the New Context” (with Rakesh Kumar).  National Conference on ‘HRD for Workers’, Bhilai Steel Plant, SAIL 1994.
  • “HRD in the Emerging Industrial Context” . Round table Conference on ‘HRD in the Emerging Industrial Context’, Academy of Human Resource Development, Madras, November 1993.
  • “Education and Training Needs of the Informal Sector in India”, Overseas Development Agency, London, Edinburgh & Turin, November 1993.
  • “Some Issues Relating to the Structuring of the HRD Function in Indian Organizations” National HRD Network Conference on Alternative Approaches and Strategies of HRD, Chennai, 1987.

Doctoral Theses Guided:

  • Anjan Bhowmick: Examining the Relationship between Organization Structure and Innovation: A Study of Indian Corporations. (Jointly guided with Upasna Agarwal), Academy of HRD, 2015.
  • Madhavi Mehta: A Study of Professional Values, Value Conflict and Coping Mechanisms of HRD professionals in India.  XLRI-AHRD, December 2002.
  • Ramachandran, S. : A Study of the Congruence between Individual Values and Perceived Organizational Values, and its Impact on Commitment to the Organization.  XLRI-AHRD, March 2003.
  • Anuradha Challu: An Assessment of the Role of HR in the Indian Corporate Sector.  XLRI-AHRD, December 2004.

Doctoral Theses Guidance in Process:

  • Rajiv Agarwal: Factors Influencing Career Choices of Successors in Family-Managed Businesses. (Co-guide with Dr. Arya Kumar).  Doctoral Thesis under completion at Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, Pilani.
  • Ravindra Dey: Impact of Personal Values and Emotional Intelligence on Leadership Effectiveness of Gen Y Students in B-Schools. Doctoral Thesis under completion at Academy of Human Resource Development, Ahmedabad.
  • Shweta Maheshwari: Role of Internal Communication and Training and Development Practices in Implementing Change.  (Member-Thesis Advisory Committee with Veena Vohra and Preeti Rawat).  Doctoral Thesis under completion at SVKM’s NMIMS University, Mumbai.

Editorial Activities:

  • Editorial Board, and past Editor (1988-96), HRD Newsletter
  • Member, Editorial Board, Management and Labour Studies(1988-92)

Dr. Keith C. D'Souza


Dr. Keith C. D'Souza


Dr. Keith C. D'Souza


Dr. Keith C. D'Souza


Other professional highlights

  • Founder member of the National HRD Network, India
  • Along with Dr. T.V. Rao, developed the Diploma Program in HRD and later, the XLRI-AHRD doctoral level Fellow Program in HRD.  Coordinated the FPHRD program for two years until I left XLRI in 1997 
  •  Member of the expert committee to develop course material on HRD for the Indira Gandhi National Open  
  •  University, New Delhi
  • Member of an expert panel  appointed by the Overseas Development Agency of the Government of U.K. to work on a project on Education and Training for Self Employment, in collaboration with the Universities of London and Edinburg, in 1993
  • International observer in an expert consultation workshop on Employment Oriented  Education and Training at the ILO International Training Centre in Turin, in 1993
  • USIS international visitor to the USA in 1996 on a U.S. Government sponsored project on Workforce Training
  • Thesis guide and advisor for master’s and doctoral level theses in the areas of Organizational Behaviour and HRD at XLRI, the Academy of HRD (India), and SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai.

Memberships (of professional and academic bodies/forums)

  • Life member of the National HRD Network - India        


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