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Weekend GYB certification programme (7 weekends)

The GYB programme enables small business owners/entrepreneurs to develop their skills, knowledge and attitudes to manage the challenges for profitable growth in a competitive and changing environment. If you are a decision maker and are working full time in your business, or an SME consultant, this programme is for you. Faculty with expertise in SME business highlight management concepts with illustrations and ensure the insights are understood.

The GYB  programme is conducted over weekends, which leaves participants free to focus on their businesses during the week. This format also results in participants applying the learnings to their business and observing the impact. Participants get to interact with  experts in different functions and sectors which helps in developing the mindset for growth. An immense derived benefit is the “network effect”. 

By the end of the programme, each participant gets to present his or her venture's growth plan to a panel of investors and mentors.

The programme is conducted over 7 weekends, Saturday full day (9.30 am to 5.50pm) and Sunday half day (9.30 am to 1.20 pm). Lunch and tea shall be served during the breaks. Jain food is also served, however on prior intimation.  

The programme fee includes study materials and books & stationery.  All study materials used by faculty in the form of PPT or hard copies will be made available to the participants after the completion of the session.

Please visit admissions page for applying for the next GYB batch.


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