The Programme serves potential entrepreneurs with or without a business idea, keen to launch a sustainable business venture.

Entrepreneurs in the early stages of setting up their venture will also find this programme very useful.

This programme will help you to test the potential of your business idea and translate it in to a concrete business plan for your venture. The purpose of the programme is to enable you to create a sustainable business that generates profitable growth.

In the past, the participants have also benefited from networking with other participants and professionals like VCs and other experts.

If you are a graduate and interested in becoming an entrepreneur, with or without a business idea, you are eligible to apply for the programme

The SYB Certification Programme is conducted at SPJIMR Campus, Mumbai.
Yes, every module has study material either as supporting material, reference material, or additional readings, apart from the class exercises and take home presentations from the faculty.

Our experience of 10+ years indicates this is the optimal duration. Participants too, generally feel so.

Please download the application form.Click here to download.

WE ACCEPT APPLICATIONS ON A CONTINUOUS BASIS; hence there are no last days for applying to any of the SYB programmes. We however, advise you to apply at the earliest considering the limited seats available for the programme.

The selection is made on the basis of information provided in the application form. We may contact you for more information if required. We seek sincere and committed participants keen to start their venture(s)

There is no entrance tests/scores required.

The age group of participants is from 20 to 40 years. The participants are from diverse backgrounds like IT professionals, sales and marketing professionals, cosmetologist, graphologist, gemologists, fashion designing, consultants, analysts, proprietors and freshers as well. There are quite a few from family businesses as well.

More than 80 participants from SYB Certification Programme have launched their ventures. 

We provide you access to Venture Capitalists, investors and others from the entrepreneurial ecosystem. You also get an opportunity to present your business plan to a distinguished panel of experts/investors.

Venture Capitalists and Financial executives from banks and other financial institution who would spend quality time with you, to share with you their perspectives. More importantly, you would realize along the way that, money, as normally assumed, is not the key success factor for any business, and a small amount can go a long way at the Start-up stage.

The programme helps the start up business too. In running your own business, you must have felt the lack of management skills e.g. in cash flow, marketing, etc. that have come in the way of your achieving profitable growth. This Programme provides you the knowledge, skills and attitude for managing a growing Start-up, the mentoring to handle real life problems, and access to the entrepreneurial network

The Family Managed Business Programme offered by the institute is an 18 month programme focusing on the existing family managed business. The focus for the SYB programme is on the first generation entrepreneur, aspiring to start his/her own venture.

The course emphasis is on practical applications of the concepts discussed in class. We expect the participants to utilize them to get closer to launch of their venture.

Though there will be no examinations and grading, the participants will be expected to make presentations and participate in discussions at different stages of the programme.

You will be awarded a certificate of participation after meeting the minimum attendance criteria of 90%.

You will be an alumnus for the SYB Programme. As an alumnus, you will get an opportunity to attend a few SYB sessions conducted on the SPJIMR campus. You will need to send an email request to cera2@spjimr.org for the same. You will be awarded a certificate of participation after meeting the minimum attendance criteria of 90%. 

You can avail of the institute infrastructure during the course of the programme.

The faculty for this programme is a mix of SPJIMR faculty and faculty experts drawn from the industry.

SPJIMR faculty has excellent experience in teaching SME's. We have also developed a network of Venture Capitalists, investors, marketers and others from the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Since the course is all about starting your own business, there is no question of a placement. The course, however, provides exposure to professionals like entrepreneurs, VCs, bankers and other professionals.

SPJIMR has been founded by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, among India's pioneering cultural and educational institute. The faculty is very conscious of abiding by the values of the institution. Among participants, the strong bonding developed eliminates the need for NDA.

We do not have a refund policy. However, the participants can attend the next batch and the rebate amounts shall remain applicable.
If your partner is the co-founder of your new venture he/she can enroll for the programme. He/she needs to apply to the programme as per the procedure given above.

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