Beyond SYB

Well Begun is Half Done

By Prof. Suresh Rao

You have an idea that engages you. The idea comes with some baggage - of concerns.  How do I know my idea will attract customers? How do I convert the idea to a set of features?  To a prototype? Test the prototype for feedback? How to determine the cost and fix the price, prepare a Business Plan? How to start up, to develop a go-to-market strategy, to estimate the money needed for  starting up?  

Can I be an entrepreneur? What does it take to be one?

Questions, questions...Where can I find the answers?

SPJIMR’s Start Your Business Programme conducted over 10 weekends at its campus in Mumbai is designed to provide you with the answers.

Well begun is half done!

Why, because it is not enough to know the answers, it is important to be able to apply them in action. Not all budding entrepreneurs cross start-up barriers and set up viable ventures on their own after completing the Start Your Business Programme. Some need support to achieve the goal. This support is made possible by building business relationships or Networking.

There are two types of Networking. Internal networking creates a support system for alumni across batches (twenty-one and counting) through a virtual platform curated by SPJIMR’s Centre for Entrepreneurship. Such a platform is well suited for start-up alumni to discover customers, referrals, suppliers and dealers, outsourcing entities, bootstrapping, et al, from each other. Operational issues causing frustration by holding up progress at early stages can be effectively overcome through this network which also disseminates useful knowledge and information.

The other type is external networking for strategic issues like team building, pivoting, go-to-market strategy, accelerating growth and funding which requires assistance beyond the alumni network. The SPJIMR platform for this form of structured support is our virtual Incubation Centre which has developed the eco-system of mentors, investors and domain experts. Head of Incubation Centre Shirish Kotmire’s video informs how you can leverage our external network for not just surviving, but even for accelerated growth.

Keen to convert your idea into a venture even with no business background - come to SPJIMR for realising your vision. The Start Your Business programme provides the complete package – from acquiring the knowledge, skills and attitude to create a sustainable business in the classroom, to supporting you to get going, overcome the real life challenges on the ground and build a business you are proud of and customers are happy to patronise.

If you don’t have an idea, it does not matter, the Start Your Business programme can assist you in generating sustainable business ideas. So too, if your ambition is to create a social venture, the programme will enable you to do so.  And if you are a nextgen family business member, this programme is for you if your objective is to start a new business.



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