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Admission Process



Application Opens: 23rd September 2018

Application deadline for international applicants residing in India*: 23rd November 2018

Application deadline for international applicants residing out of India** : 31st Jan 2019

Please note:

*These applicants would need to personally attend the interviews scheduled at Bangalore/ Delhi/ Kolkata/ Mumbai as per the shortlist and the slot available.

**Interviews for these applicants would be scheduled over Skype.
It is mandatory for such applicants to provide proof of current residence while filling the application.


Admission to the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) programme at S. P. Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR) is strictly based on merit. We do not have any management quota. The assessment of an applicant is on the basis of his/her profile, meeting the qualifying scores in either GMAT, CAT or XAT and the interview process. 

SPJIMR communicates directly with all the shortlisted candidates. Under no circumstances will SPJIMR appoint an intermediary (whether an individual or organisation) to approach any candidate with claims of confirmed admission, for a fee or otherwise. In case you or your parents receive offers from intermediaries, we recommend that you do not get involved in such transactions. 




Once the admissions begin for PGDM, the profile of international candidates will be assessed as and when the applications are submitted. Candidates are assessed on the basis of their intellectual readiness (academics) and also on emotional readiness. Emotional readiness includes work experience, extra-curricular activities and aptitude for and befitting the Institute’s mission of promoting value-based leadership.

The benefit of this process is that students will not have to wait for a long time after applying online.

This would help accelerate the selection process, helping applicants as well as the Institute manage the entire process effectively.


Applicants need to meet the qualifying scores for the entrance exams mentioned in the detailed document.

For details on eligibility and selection process

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Although we do not require an entrance exam test for English proficiency, we expect our applicants to be proficient in both written and spoken English. All teaching is conducted in English. We will not be able to assist with English coaching once you have registered for the programme. 


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