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I was expecting everything related to management, Economics, politics etc., but this is really great to something about 'Crime petrol'. I am also a big fan of this series. They show the story in such a way that you can't leave your seat until climax, always keep you on the toes. Last I saw the episode where three teenage friends plan a kidnapping for revenge. They start observing episodes of crime petrol so that crime will be fool proof and police would not be able to catch them. I was thinking that this time end will be different may be police will close the case but like other episodes, criminal were caught. The Episode was good but somehow leave a question in my mind, what if all criminals plan their crimes after observing different techniques of Police for catching criminals from shows like this. I don't know, i may be wrong but in a way they are making their life and job more difficult. Criminals are getting more hi-tech in all sense ( arms, vehicles, etc. ) and On the other hand Condition of the Police in small cities is very bad they don't even have proper facilities and infrastructure to perform their duties safely.

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