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Well I completely agree with Sir R Jayaram that Crime Patrol when launched brought in many insights to the real world and has given a new way to consider many things. This had been an appreciable start of creating awareness amongst people about happenings all around and to some extent alerting people to keep their eyes open. This became more familiar amongst public due to character Anup Tiwari who anchored brilliantly and gave a good kick to the serial and hence resulting in increase of TRP. Later, many new subsets of Crime Petrol started and had many recaps of all the episodes such that if somebody misses any can catch up at some other time. But the quality of subsets was not at par of Crime Patrol. They were also good with minor changes in format but not being absorbed so much by people primarily due to large acceptance of Crime Patrol amongst all. Yes, sometimes words happen to be very funny as they used to be very typical Hindi words which made us laugh on words (not at all on situation definitely). Well, I have seen its influence in my family too and was a sort of an addiction for my parents. They could miss anything but not episodes of Crime Patrol. It had been a topic of discussion amongst youngsters, old age and family people a lot. They started narrating the characters and discussing on the topic which had been shown in episode. I remember at times my father mentioning about situations and asking me to be more alert when in outside world. While I agree with so many points, I also resist for certain things. Though this serial was creating awareness amongst people of all ages, it was also putting additional information of doing crimes in the mind of people who might have not thought crime in that way but got a way to do (just a raw example). Also, it started creating little bit of negative mindset in people specially parents and they started becoming more restrictive. Parents became extra cautious to their children and so on. Inspite of some adverse things (according to me), this serial had been an eye-catcher always.

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