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I agree and echo your sentiments around the block chain technology being the next Industrial revolution in the technological front. With the Government showing interest in its 2018 budget, it is the most talked about technologies in the recent times. Block chain technology has the potential to impact all the sectors in industry and transform the way the transactions are recorded. As an accounting and auditing professional, I believe it will in turn have a huge impact on accounting and auditing these transactions. There are advantages of this technology over the existing method of record keeping. The transactions would be recorded real time using a chain of transaction nodes. Transparency and trust would be established. To give a perspective, all the current banking transactions are stored on a central server where it is susceptible to frauds and cyber-attacks. With the block chain technology the transactions are stored on distributed ledgers and the same is accessible to authorized people. Since the transactions are not on a single server, the risk of fraud or cyber-attacks is reduced considerably. But wide adoption of this technology is only possible if it is governed by a set laws through a regulatory framework. I am excited to be part of this digital revolution era and look forward to witness all the different possibilities this technology brings in, not only to the data / transactions but also to the profession that I belong, especially areas of financial reporting, internal controls, taxation frameworks, etc. Arti

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