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Dear Sir, I agree with your article and have witnessed some instances along the same lines. This has become a trend or fad largely in the younger Indian population irrespective of whether one lives inside or outside India. Your article has highlighted a very important aspect of today’s generation which needs to be addressed immediately to check the brain drain. However, I feel that we have to go deeper into the issue to understand and address the underlying reasons of such behaviour. After my interactions with people who disparage India, I tried to ask the question to myself that why do some people dislike the country which has given so much to them. After a lot of deliberation I came to the conclusion that instead of trying to improve in the area where we are lacking, it’s easier to pass on the blame to the country/others. When people see their friends or relatives living a lavish life outside India, instead of working hard, we say that there are no opportunities in India. Furthermore, I find that playing the blame game represents the lack of patience in the younger generation. We want everything now, without putting much effort or waiting for it. We ignore the fact that people who are living a lavish life outside have invested immense time and efforts to reach where they are. I would also like to highlight that it doesn’t matter whether you disparage India in front of an Indian; it is still unacceptable because when you are in the habit of demeaning your country, it becomes your behaviour and what becomes your behaviour is bound to come out someday. We do not realise that we are insulting our own country in front of outsiders because by then it’s a subconscious thing. To conclude, I would like to refer an article which mentioned an incident emphasizing the same. An American flight filled with Indians was travelling from USA to Delhi. When the flight was in USA, the Indians behaved politely but at the Delhi airport, the same people became rude and pushed each other to alight first. We only end up creating the very image of the country which we dislike.

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