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As it was rightly pointed by you . your thoughts reminds me of many such situations which I have come across practically on many occasions wither within my friends or colleagues circle during discussions . The thinking of most of the Indians who are settled abroad are really gets changed on most of the occasions. They feel that they have a every right to degrade India as they consider themselves privileged to have migrated. There are many incidences wherein Indians abroad , project India in a very bad state and as being a backward country to most of the foreign people . We often hear jokes being put on the development projects taken by the India and speed at which these takes place either wrt infrastructure and other major projects . We often find people commenting badly on India all bad state of conditions like dirty, polluted and unorganized state which matters much . They very often forget their roots and the fact that they belong to be India . People often try gets converted easily to foreign soil cultures and change their roots easily by following other country styles which is very disturbing whenever you see them in future . These habits often make them unlikeable by many foreigners as well. There is a need to change this type of behavior by all Indians and to be proud of their origins . Indians often forget the facts easily that their success has come along way and inherited from their ancestors and also the strong Indian educational systems they had , which has helped them to reach to this new heights at present in other countries . The ownership also very much lies with the Parents to keep on reminding the youth and children on Indian values and correct them if necessary at regular period to calibrate themselves to their origin values . India as country should not take the 2nd position in their minds and also should not remain as their ancestral remembrance spot where in they come and go as guests after very long gaps . It should be the place where they often come to re-discover their heritage and strengthen their roots . This will not only help them and their future generations to represent India in a better position and . They should feel be proud to be an Indian and create In my view , basic factors such as bureaucracy in govt systems , highly un-recognised jobs , high corruption ,bad infrastructure ,has led to lack of trust in the governance in the people of India . The root cause starts right from the way the new generation people were brought up both in schools and at home. People after completion of their higher education from India’s premier institutions , major percentage are showing less interest towards serve the country and getting attracted towards western world and going for higher education abroad . Once you complete the higher education instead of coming back to India they settle down there and showing less interest in coming back to India. Once these people gets disciplined on foreign soil , change their living styles once they land in India. Whatever they get accustomed to the culture gets their gets reversed once they come back . Let’s hope on the generations to come . Kids in schools today are taught of high values, culture and patriotism. Every parent today learn simple things from their children. For ex., simple acts of self-discipline starting from keeping our environment clean, punctuality and patriotism are nurtured well in the minds of younger generation

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