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Respected Sir, The concern shown by you towards the disparages is very much right. Your blog points out some of the major disparities still lingering in the educated minds of the country. Attributing bad things to our countrymen and demonstrating wrong behaviour are rightly pointed out behaviours that let us down. The questions raised by you should consistently ring inside the heads of all people who cross the line. However, the biggest questions that follow are how that can happen? Can mere questioning by concerned citizens turn the table? Can these questions alone make everyone realise what he/she is doing? The foremost thing of a responsible citizen is to question when things go wrong. Appreciate your concerns because questioning is one of the acknowledgements of the issues in hand, irrespective of the dissent and the dislike of the questioner. Although the above concerns don’t generalize to any sections of the society, the latter portions of the blog point to the younger generation. Pleased to see your belief that younger generation can sort this out once and for all. However, I would respectfully disagree on the generalization done based on certain sample space only, although there are higher chances of people of every age group possessing the same behaviour and expressing similar utterances. The biggest support any younger generation can get is from the experienced generation, who knew the right and the wrong well, guiding for the right endeavours. With the emergence of several young men and women bringing several laurels, name and fame to the country, I strongly agree that the younger generation should hold the baton in spreading the understanding of the fundamental idea that “You have no right to disparage India”. Thankful to you for the blog that calls for right behaviour demonstration and right utterances. This is an eye-opener for all.

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