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As rightly captured by you, we Indians are responsible for creating some wrong impressions by attributing bad things to ourselves. I would like to further step in and introspect the reasons behind. In my view, factors such as unemployment, corruption, inequality etc., which was predominant in later part of twentieth century had led to lack of trust over governance in the minds of people. The root cause starts right from the way the present generation were brought up both in schools and at home. After pursuing education from India’s top institutions, good amount of people had no inclination to serve the country and got attracted by the western world. People who pretend to be well disciplined in foreign nation change their hats when they land in India. For example, a person who puts a piece of torn paper into dust bins on a foreign nation doesn’t bother to through on the streets of India. It is also surprising to see changing behavior within the same country. For ex., person who maintains high standards at airport spoils the cleanliness of a railway station. Let’s hope on the generations to come. Kids in schools today are taught of high values, culture and patriotism. Every parent today learn simple things from their children. For ex., simple acts of self-discipline starting from keeping our environment clean, punctuality and patriotism are nurtured well in the minds of younger generation. In the recent times, the nation had witnessed a large number of NRIs returning back to India as entrepreneurs and helps build India both technologically and economically strong. By increasing employment opportunities, implementing transparency in governance and improving livelihood/lifestyle of every Indian help change the mindset of younger generations over a period of time. We should also admit to the fact that it is highly challenging for our country with world’s second largest population to bring changes in no time. It is in the hands of today’s teachers, parents, to cherish the children on traditional values, culture, and patriotism. Hope to see India clean, developed, people/value centric nation in the near future.

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