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The above thoughts resonate with me and I would like share my experiences on the same. The attitude of some Indians who are settled abroad are really disheartening. They wear a halo and feel that they have a prerogative to belittle India as they consider themselves privileged to have migrated. I have experienced it first hand while living in USA during my college days, and subsequently thereafter during my four year work stint. I have witnessed incidences wherein Indian Americans project India in a poor light as being a backward country to fellow Americans. They often joke about the pace of development and infrastructure whilst ridiculing some of the rituals and customs. They find India dirty, polluted and unorganized. They often forget their roots and the fact that they would continue to be Indians wherever they go. They try to ape the western culture in an endeavor to shed their true skin. However, they conveniently follow practices like being late for meetings and then giving excuses, buying stuff from shops and returning it frequently, taking undue advantage of the free soft drinks at quick service restaurants. These habits often make them unlikeable amongst Americans as well. There is a pressing need to change this attitude and be proud of their origins. They are often oblivious to the fact that their success can be attributed to the values imparted in them and also the Indian education system which helps them scale greater heights. The onus also lies on the older generation to reprimand the younger folks and impart correct knowledge to them. India should not become a vacation destination for the younger generation wherein they come as tourists. It should be a place where they come to discover the rich heritage and strengthen their roots. This will help them represent India in a better light as global citizens. Be proud to be an Indian!

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