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Dear Anil, I had gone through all your four blogs related to “Big Data Juggernaut” and all are very insightful related to “arrival of new technologies, databases, programming languages, and applications”. With a growth in big data from petabyte to exabyte, the need for managing the knowledge associated with this huge data efficiently is another business need which organizations will look at. This is exactly where big data analytics will play a major role. Big data analytics will cut across all fields of business, governments, and countries. The collaborated insight that will be generated will be of tremendous use in the coming days. It may be for connected cars, factories, smart cities, airports etc. This Big Data analytics on the Big-IoT platform will be part of daily life. This pretty much highlights the need for a future generation with public & private clouds. Also helps to manage unstructured data which at this moment which is currently difficult to visualize. In this new wave of Big IoT platform, Big Data and Machine Learning, the traditional digital Big Data of Engineering and R&D are less talked at this moment. The power of machine learning and Big Data on engineering data can do a miracle in quicker product development by throwing many effective design patterns to pick and choose from thousands of options which traditionally cannot be thought off. This is a great opportunity to adopt and lead Big Data Analytics journey.

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