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Excellent content, built upon the aroma and taste of mother’s freshly brewed special tea. Brilliant narration took me through your childhood memories, stages of life and socio economic portrait of different ages. Narration is simple and strong to paint vivid visuals in the reader’s mind. Affectionate serving of tea by mother, specially for her children in French glass, gulping of siblings from the glass one after other, growth in the size of serving as they grew up, all describes the affection, warmth and oneness in the family in a deeper sense. Tea is the thread in the story linking all it’s elements. It connects the family, visitors, friends and the eco system, and hints at the lives and priorities of the women in that era. For you, tea depicts the affectionate touch of mother, which made the siblings stay connected and comforted them in difficult times. The story highlights the trust and empathy prevailed in the society. The success of the narration is that it guides the readers to their good old childhood days and the social life of the ages, as they read on. I got immersed in the nostalgic flash back of my child hood memories, ancestral home, parents and grandparents and friends. Surprisingly, it triggered a series of frames in my mind, connecting memories I cherished. The picture of that village tea shop got played back in my mind, which was the meeting place for the elders in our vicinity. They used to assemble early in the morning and late in the evening in the wooden benches in the tea shop to mark the beginning and end of the day’s activities. Over hot cups of tea made to one’s taste, they discussed and debated current affairs, politics, cinema and what not!! In an era where televisions and other communication channels were rare, the classic valve radio and newspaper in the tea shop was their link to the outside world. Life in the village was closely connected with the tea shop and it’s proprietor who played as an adviser and mediator. He was fondly known among the residents as Baalettan. Today, Baalettan and his tea shop are no more. In that corner, came up a fast food counter- a perfect match for the present lifestyle of limiting oneself into a virtual world chatting to “close friends” in social media, whom one is yet to meet for the first time. In today’s stressful and fast world, where relationships are getting sidelined, the blog has great relevance and it leaves a positive note.

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