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This blog has rejuvenated me by reminding me of the refreshing aroma and warmth of a freshly brewed tea. I thoroughly enjoyed the reading and without a doubt, it took me back to those times when a similar routine, if not the same, used to take place at my home. It is brilliant how the subtle values and joys of a simple activity of drinking tea has been highlighted. To each in his own ways, this drink has been there at the start of almost every day and sometimes even towards the end. If we think about it, this much-favoured beverage of our country has transpired through all ages and has been one of the common threads for bringing people together from all walks of life. Be it sharing a glass of cutting chai and bun-muska while having conversations with your colleagues at a tea vendor or sipping hot tea at your balcony and enjoying the Mumbai rains, drinking tea has always taken us through emotions and moments which are unlike any other. It is a way for some to relive certain memories, while some use it to relieve stress. Some use it to bring themselves back into their comfort zone, while some use it to give them an extra push to go beyond their limits. Whatever be the reason, the association and consumption of tea has always been special. My fond memories of tea take me back to the time when I once visited the mountains. The temperature outside was pretty low and it was a typical fine lazy morning in the foothills of the Himalayas. I sat in the courtyard of a local home where I stayed, which overlooked the towering snow-clad mountains. On one hand, I had a piping hot cup of tea which warmed my hands to the very desired comforting temperature through my gloves and a book on the other which just added to the charm of the picture-perfect setup. It was the third cup of ‘pahadi-tea’ for the day, and it indeed was a divine experience. Tea has always been more than just a beverage to me. It is something which hugs and warms the soul.

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