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The tea that you disliked once, gradually became a daily habit for you. Is it how we develop habits? Is this what you call Power of habit? Without even the realization of it, it flows through your veins, it makes a mark in your daily life, it becomes a significant you. These are the examples of since our childhood we have built up certain habits which our unconscious mind keeps following, the reflex actions. The day I gained my senses, I was said to be truthful and honest. I was taught about certain food habits, and now that is what defines me as a human being. My traits, my qualities, my perceptions, infused in me since my childhood, are what the building blocks of my personality are. A cup of tea that brings you closer to strangers, connect to them, what can be better in this racing world. I remember my college days when “a sutta and a cup of tea”, had built the greatest bonds of friendship, that you miss the whole life. Sometimes some great thoughts and great stories were created during these cups of conversations over tea. The article has such a huge emotional touch, that the story literally involved me in it. Each and every word, brought in memories, my own memories of small habits that helped me knit with people closely. The very thought that how your family played a very important role in developing the habit, underscores, the fact how upbringing matters for a child, to build his personality. Besides, I believe this is a very strong lesson that most Indian families, try to inculcate in their children. Certain habits inherited from our family brings us self-confidence and self-realization. For e.g., the habit of empathizing, which our siblings best teach us, makes us empathize with many that we met in our day to day life. In short, certain habits are healthy, only if you are aware of whether it is right or wrong for you.

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