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“Tea was our medium; it coursed in our veins” impressed and inspired me. You have beautifully described affection for your mother, friendship with a tea stall person in a vivid manner. I could imagine and feel the hot “loo” that swept across your home’s front yard during summer. Beginning caught my attention. It explained how specially brewed tea served in “French glasses stirred with a stainless spoon” bonded you and your mother. Moments of guest visits, mother “nudging and budging” guests during your exams made me recall my memories of childhood. During the course of time between your childhood & till date of shuttling between “Chennai” and “Mumbai”, Tea has helped in refreshing you and acted as a faith healer. There were few unwelcome changes happening during the course of time. How a tea stall once full of life and people had to shutdown owing to the changes happening around. This reminds us of surprises in life and how we shall respond/ face them. We may not be successful but shall face them as life is all about moving ahead even if we fall again and again. The blog ended up in saying you had to sip hot water in place of tea. This too happens in life when we need to compromise. I learnt from this blog that life is a baggage of memories. As Oscar Wilde rightly quoted “Memory…is the diary we all carry about with us”, I shall cherish the lessons learnt and memories from this blog “That which courses our veins”.

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