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Thanks for the interesting write up. Yes do agree cross-badging was a failure in India so far. At least, one of the brands is a disaster. Both Renault and Nissan are classic examples and have show that if the cars are offered with very identical looks and features will definitely be a failure. Infact the complete range of cars sold by Renault and Nissan merely developed on cross badging have failed (sole exception was Renault's Duster). However, Volkswagen and Skoda may have shown the secret and were successful with cross-badging their Vento and Rapid models are still selling in decent numbers in India. But we should understand that though these cars are made from the same platform, were launched maintaining their own signature looks and features and the market sees them as different cars. Further the relative success may be due to the fact that both these brand names have their own customer base who are loyal . Skoda right from the time it was launched in 2002 was well accepted as a brand which offers high level products at a competitive rate. Volkswagen too is looked up as a brand which offers cars with high build quality. It is true that the Indian market does not seem to accept cross-badged cars which are made by companies which has not made a mark independently. However, in the case of the Toyota and Maruthi, I am keeping my fingers crossed to see how their offerings will be recieved by the market as both these brands have earned the trust and love of the Indian market. Also the products which they have proposed to develop viz. Corrola, Breeza, Baleno,etc. are all flagship models and am really excited to see how the market will reacts when they see the cars they once recognized with one brand, being offered from a different stable….

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