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I could not agree more with you. This ‘barabari thing’ has always been close to my heart. I would like to give a real-life experience. When my younger sister was born my father’s co-workers were apprehensive in congratulating him. He was taken aback with this thought process. Although harsh, this was the reality of our society two decades ago and still continues to be. I would like to extend this thought to the corporate world. Gender inequality is largely prevalent in it. There are still preconceptions and misconceptions that plague our society. Having said so I would like to say that corporates are now beginning to realise the perils of gender inequality and are trying to work towards it. As an example, I would like to quote the company I am presently working with. It strongly believes in gender equality. There are engine assembly lines within the company having women employees ranging anywhere between 35% to 100% of the total workforce. Visiting any of these assembly lines is an eyeopener for the outsiders as the industry average today is still in the range of 15-18%. As a production line manager of one of the assembly lines I feel proud every time I see awe in our customers faces visiting the factory Often, when asked about the challenges faced in employing women on the line I am unable to answer. The reason being women on the shop floor are as skilled, deserving, hard-working and efficient as the men, if not more. There is no need to look at the women any differently than the men. Ironically this was very unsettling for the lady who had posed this question. Sadly, men and women are equally biased in their judgement against women which is not exactly a win for gender equality. As G.D. Anderson said “Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” After reading your blog I am compelled to watch the play Mulgi Zhali Ho and I wish to catch it at the earliest.

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