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To start with, possession of gender by individual is not by their choice, so why to discriminate on it (Words of Prof. B Moradian). The topic what you have covered is very much relevant in India and it is one of the key factor in achieving the dream to be a super power by 2030. We’ve to go long way to get rid of gender discrimination. As per UN reports 2015, 933 women are there for every 1000 men in India. Surprisingly nine out of top ten countries in the world where male population is more than female population are from Asian continent. There are many reasons behind the problem, one of them is illiteracy. By illiteracy I don’t mean lack of education but the mere fact of people lacking basic wisdom. The major damage on women is happening because of deep rooted preference for sons, leading to heinous practices like female infanticide and foeticide. The misery of the situation is that, the old ladies (“Saas”) are also against the birth of girl child. It is happening only because of social illiteracy at all levels of the society be it be urban, sub urban or rural. A strong women empowered society will make major contribution to make India a super power, unless we address the gender discrimination to root we will not be able to achieve the dream. We have to convert the dream into mission with an action plan. Perhaps we cannot change the DNA of the people, however the mission demands a complete cultural change in the minds of people. Till the time the society realizes the girl child as an asset, the situation will remain the same. No doubt that the cultural programs like “Mulgi Zhali Ho” are penetrating into rural areas, as a nation we also have to find a way ahead to penetrate into urban and sub urban levels. Your narration about the program urges to watch the program at the earliest. Thank you so much…

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