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It was 0805 hours on my watch as I frantically climbed the stairs of SPIT building. I was told by Abhyudaya team that the class starts at 0800. My subject was English. I have always loved teaching. From 6-year olds to 50-year olds, I have stood in front of them all. As I finally reached the class, I saw the board that said "6E". A parent was frantically signalling his son. The good old hustle and bustle of school life in front of me soothed my nerves. As I pressed these 12-year olds for class participation, the shyness and the genuine smile that I was rewarded with as I applauded their sharp answers melted my heart. There were equal mix of boys and girls. I never realised their gender. As I watched the play prescribed here with my friend, I too was smiling, but never could relate. Biologically speaking, gender-based behaviour pattern diverges only during teenage. All kids are the same. Therefore, scientifically gender discrimination of young girls makes no sense. Being very close to a lot of women who made me who I am today, I can say with authority that women are better species than men. Their laughter can spread happiness the farthest, or even cause Mahabharatha. Their tears can clean up our hearts or burn down cities (Madurai/Kannagi reference). I am no authority on women or relationships. But I was trained by my parents to see the best in people, to be the first to apologise and that gratitude is the only salvation of human mind. These lessons have helped me a lot to make and sustain any kind of relationship. I believe that gender discrimination is declining as more and more of the current generation people are getting educated and womens’ lives are getting better. Therefore, though I can understand the context and the content of this write-up, the fact that I couldn’t relate to any of it makes me proud of my parents and teachers. Thank you for the time.

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