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I could not agree with you more on the point about the general notion of “barabari”. I often see women targeting men in the name of feminism, but I think they have gotten the idea of feminism wrong. To get equal rights we do not essentially have to target men and prove that how they are responsible for our condition, but the focus should be on propagating the thinking in women that they deserve to have the same opportunities as any other PERSON and mind you not MEN! Imagine LGBT community asking for equal rights by saying male, female, straight people are responsible for discrimination against us. Doesn’t that sound cringeworthy? The same sentence when replaced by men and women seems legit. The reason for this is that this wrong notion has been engraved into our thinking so deeply that we don’t even understand what is wrong with it. We as a woman hate being stereotyped yet we don’t hesitate to do that to the male community. On the other hand, we never think of the discrimination women do against women. There has been considerable number of brothels run by women in India, but do we talk about them and say women are responsible for human trafficking? This needs to be addressed as the “barabari” notion has a very intoxicating effect in a marriage too. Imagine your partner trying to compete with you all the time. As the blog rightly says it doesn’t have to a 50-50 deal every time it is very essential to find the right balance. Otherwise this concept can brainwash many women whose marriage could have been much better without the concept. Therefore, the whole point of this discussion is when we talk about gender bias we should keep a check on ourselves too that are we also doing some kind of gender bias?

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