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The problems that a woman or a girl child faces in our country, have been intense for a very long time now. There has been a change over the times but that’s simply not enough. ‘Women empowerment’ and ‘feminism’ have made their way into the social culture quite aggressively and rightly so. But in all this chaos, we forget the mere essence of equality. What we do not understand is that, equality is not just about uplifting women but making space for both the genders to exist together at the same level. Most of us have been downgrading men to uplift women. The fact that Prof Deepa Krishnan has decided to break out of this norm and taken a stand for what is right is commendable. She understands and wants others to understand too that, what it takes to attain peace is mutual understanding and balance. Unless we learn to see both of them as equals, it will not work. Mend need to respect women for their contribution to the society and women, too, need to understand the importance of men in the society. The moment we realize they are complementary to each other, half the problems will be solved. Given the fact that most of India’s population belongs to the middle class or lower middle class, it is very important to explain this, to them, in a way that they will be able to relate to, to be able to understand better. Keeping the background of the audience in mind, she has tried to explain this concept in a way that they would best relate to, in the context of marriage. She has beautifully explained how it takes two hands to clap. Compromises have to be made by both the parties to earn each other’s respect and to give birth to mutual understanding. Standing up for women is an absolute necessity in times like these, there’s no doubt about it but standing up for men who are being wronged in this process is equally necessary. And she’s done just that. I have immense respect for her opinions in this context.

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