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I am really very happy and appreciate the view Mr. R Jayaraman has put the views of necessity of innovation for Mfg. As Indian economy is equipped with all types of business or industries, for India Innovation is must Really Innovations are back bone of Indian industry or industry in any part of the world. As he said first stage of any innovation is Design or drawing i just differ here, in my view Innovation is something which start with positive thinking, cohesiveness of team members and collaborative working. In India people always like to take credit for doing what they actually don't do hence first innovation starts from positive attitude As we know China is our close competitor and productivity of china in improving day by day by doing innovations in their process. We must really pull our socks if we want to keep our self-alive in competition we must think as the way R Jayaraman is thinking about Innovations. Taking forward your views of Indian is good at Jugaad Technology and some time it becomes hurdle for innovation I also agree to your opinion, but this may be due to fear of failures and may deprive from success and hence people are reluctant to take up the challenge and ultimately some reluctant to Innovation. In India some time it happens that people who come across the innovation or starts journey don’t understand that what value they have created hence Govt. should drive some rewards and recognition programme for best Innovations from Indian Industry which will give boost for further innovations. We must get understand the people the value for Innovations through various technological exhibitions, training to people also must give support for implementation from Proto sample to Product ionization if any Innovations really works. And If we really want to excel in to mfg. we must focus on permanency and get rid of Temporary fix mind set. To get real success for Innovations to be implemented Indian Govt. also should take some steps as like Make in India and Skill India type concept and Industry should support for such initiatives. The Steps Indian Govt. took for jumping to 77th position in Ease of doing Business further Govt. should take initiatives how Innovations also take place in Indian Industries.

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