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I appreciate blogger’s holistic approach to address the topic of innovation strategy and agree that manufacturing is a key for commercial exploitation of any ground-breaking idea. From my limited experience of working in MNC and in a manufacturing start-up, I can say that post liberalisation large Indian players could manage to fill the gap between technology and quality standards through technical tie-ups and joint ventures with foreign companies. Today in manufacturing sector, process excellence has been implemented through TPM and World Class Manufacturing programmes which have helped big Indian players to match their product quality with global standards. But at the same time, there is a large number of companies who despite having frameworks, struggle to implement them on production lines. This is mainly because of the so-called Jugad mindset prevalent in us which is rightly pointed out by the blogger. We need to understand the fact that process excellence standards and frameworks are not meant just for successfully clearing the quarterly audits but are made for long-term benefits. If we want to excel in the manufacturing sector we need to get rid of “temporary-fix” mindset. Unless we excel in manufacturing, we cannot convert inventions to innovations. In order to reinvigorate the innovation culture in the nation, well-coordinated joint efforts by government, SMEs, and big companies are needed. As large section of SMEs is still struggling to acquire necessary skill-set to commercialize the innovation, we may need to start institutional mechanisms backed by state and central government for implementing technology upgradation and adoption programmes across the manufacturing sector. I would like to throw some light on one more aspect which is government’s role on ease of doing the business. It has been observed that bureaucracy, at times hampers the innovation growth. Though we have improved our ranking from 130 to 100 in ease of doing the business as per the latest World Bank annual ratings, there is a huge scope for us to work in this space.

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