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I really agree with the thoughts! Innovations are the backbone for the business excellence in this competitive world. Innovation are borne with passion, nurtured & commercially realized with dedications. The person who comes across with the journey of innovation sometimes doesn’t know the value of knowledge created. In many of the academic institutes, universities and small scale industries brilliant innovations happen but not realized. In our country lot of innovation remain un-recognized without hand holding of commercial agencies or Government. In real scenario worth of innovation diminishes in the want of encouraging collaborations till commercialization. An ideal way to approach can be to register innovation under intellectual property rights for legal protection and then simultaneously look for its valuation through market survey and tie –up with Industries for commercialization. Research innovations to be taught as a subject in graduate classes so that students should be aspired to think and learn further. Sometimes we have a fear of failures, which deprive us from success and thereafter taking up the challenge. A collaborative efforts of academia and industries can make the innovation fearless and make it glow with the sunshine. Indian Government is promoting innovations under various research programs and initiatives under make In India program. In spite of this, lot of research output is being taken up by other countries for nurturing Indian borne innovations in terms of immigration. It’s the time now, when we should realize value of our in-house strengths, nurture it further for our country’s growth and frequent nominations for Nobel Prizes. A DREAM to treasure and realized!!!

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