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It was a very thought provoking topic discussed in the above blog. I fully agree with blogger on the matter that innovation strategy is needed in our country for encouraging, promoting and making innovations happen in a systematic way. All the facets of the topic have been covered very nicely such as creation of atmosphere conducive to innovations, role of engineering, production and technology required for its commercial exploitation. Today we find that many innovative ideas do not get the recognition due to lack of funds and marketing platform. In this regard blogger' suggestion of collaborations / JVs / partnerships and the support from our legislative and executive set up for commercially exploiting the benefits of innovation is very appropriate. With your permission, I would like you to examine whether the following is also relevant in this regard: a. Today we have a compulsion on Corporates to spend 2% of their profits on CSR activities. Similar contribution can be made mandatory for them investing in innovative ideas. In return the corporations may partly reap the benefits of that innovation. b. There should be specific focus with a strategy on various areas for innovation such as strategic (Defence / Space missions), social requirements and scientific inventions etc. c. The strategy should also provide for an open platform to present ideas and get the required support for addressing monetary and marketing requirements. Probably the above may be existing in some form for e.g. government organizations like DRDO / ISRO etc. But we need a more for reaching open platform for submitting the innovative ideas of all Indians. At the end I thank for sharing very good insights on the subject.

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