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One of those elections which was intensely fought on caste lines . Hindus were divided on the basis of caste and all sorts of efforts were made to oust the bjp government. Patidar andolan, dalit movement and mobilisation of obc’s was done at a mass level to defeat the bjp govt. But the opposition in the meantime did not realise that bjp’s star campaigner Narendra modi snatched the game from their hands in the last 10 days of campaign. It was due to sheer modi’s brand value that bjp was able to pull off a cliff hanger in Gujarat. No matter what is the extent of marketing but if your product is not good ,marketing would not yield good results. Just as apple is a brand ,modi is also a brand. Bjp associates itself with this brand in every election and till now modi has almost 100 percent strike rate when it comes to winning elections. He is the undisputed king of all times when it comes to connecting with people . A leader is emulated by all and the leader motivates all. If the leader is strong and capable , people tend to associate themselves with him and follow his/her footsteps. Modi’s connect with young india is very amazing. Gujarat elections saw a good turnout on voting day. High voter turnout is always healthy for any democracy. Claims of GST destroying small and medium scale businesses was ousted when bjp won 14 out of 15 seats in Surat. Surat is known for its mills and industrialization.The so called ‘ moral victory’ which was claimed by congress lacked substance as bjp has been in power in Gujarat for more than 22 years. It got elected for 6th consecutive time. The trust of the people of Gujarat in modi is resounding and it is historic that modi is winning state after state .

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