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The final tally showed that BJP won 99 seats, Congress 77 and NCP succeeded to get only 1 seat. Bhartiya Tribal Party and an independent won two and three seats respectively. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaigning, which was for the most part debated and divisive, that played a part in turning a section of voters towards the BJP hence saving them from a possible defeat. This was the period when the Prime Minister, who is hugely liked in Gujarat, campaigned extensively in the State. Starting from 27th November right up till 11th December, he addressed more than 30 election rallies across the State. Most of his speeches, especially the ones made at rallies post-December 5, focused on divisive themes. Among the major worries of the BJP all throughout the campaign were the Patidar community who were dissatisfied with the party as well as the Congress’s efforts to build a rainbow coalition of different castes by linking in young Patel, Dalit and OBC (Other Backward Classes) leaders on its side. By playing communal card in the campaign, the Prime Minister seems to have guaranteed a subsuming of some of these caste identities within the Hindu fold, thus helping the BJP hold on to its bastion. It’s not easy to keep winning elections by beating anti-incumbency, especially for a sixth time. The communists managed to accomplish that in West Bengal. The BJP is second party which seems to be on its way to break that record. Even though BJP's Gujarat march started with a strong Patidar bastion and aggressive Hindutva, Prime Minister Narendra Modi after his subsequent term slowly tilted it towards development as poll agenda. It yielded good results, especially from urban voters. May be that is the reason why, in spite of demonetization and GST, urban voters remained faithful to the party. For some reason, the Congress has not been able to counter this narrative of Gujarat model in the state as far as urban voters are concerned.

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