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Yes I do agree with the concept of worry. One by choice does not choose to embrace it, but it comes naturally either caused by circumstances or during difficult time or by the emotion associated with near-dear ones or sometimes even for silly things. It is rightly opined that generally people do not worry for themselves but for the others, which may be their relatives, friends etc. Worry for elderly parents comes naturally, but it becomes more relevant when someone stays far from them, may be due to his job obligation, and could not able to give appropriate time, where as they need the time & companions most at this juncture. Worry becomes more prominent, when one finds that parents are continuously under agony caused by certain circumstances related to some bad development associated with their child future. I do not want to delve much in details. But, it is completely right that one should always try to do something to let their parents happy, but it becomes a cause of worry or I may say frustration, when one finds that even with all efforts, one is not able to deliver things to diffuse the situation. These sorts of helpless situation further aggravate our worries and constantly plagued our mind with very precarious feelings. We are very much aware that when one inundated with extreme worries, one is ruining one’s own happiness. As you rightly said worry does not help much, so one should try to get out of it. But when we plan to get out of worry, unconsciously a thought beleaguered our mind that we are becoming selfish & trying to run away from the worry instead of facing it by devising way to control or diffuse it to possible extent. As such, here too, you rightly pointed out that one should try to get out of their worries by segregating worries based on attributes like controllable output and the things, where we do not have any inkling. But all these things seem ineffectual over the emotional outburst one experiencing over the situation. I don’t have words to express my feeling but some where your article has touched me a lot on some perspective, indeed a great writing. A last sentence of article, where you are asking for outsourcing reader’s worries to you is truly inspiring, I really obliged by those words, indeed words have great power….

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