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I completely agree with you ma’am. Worry is indeed an emotion that every responsible human being carries with himself/herself. In fact, I would say worry is directly proportional to responsibility. The more responsible you are, the more you worry. The reason being that you just want everything in life to go as smoothly as possible. You don’t want anyone near you to be in any kind of problem. There are a lot of things that could go wrong and sometimes we just cannot stop worrying about all of them like the assignments, tests and classes for students or projects, salary and expenses for parents beside the worries they carry for their children. But if we understand just one thing, then we might be able to calm ourselves to some extent. If we understand that somethings are not in our control. Sometimes, what is bound to happen will happen. We cannot stop the inevitable. We just have to do our part as best as we can and be positive of whatever happens next. It is true that there are certain things that we can never stop worrying about like our parents growing older and the future of our children like you mentioned but if understand that no matter what problem is ahead of us, worrying about it will not solve the problem and it might also cloud our judgement and we might not take the decisions that are needed to be taken. We must also understand that some problems are necessary to develop ourselves, learn from the problems and move ahead in life because problems teach us far more than any book will teach us in very less time. Problems are part of life and worrying about them only increases the problems further and it makes us feel heavier on emotional side. It is due to worrying that sometimes we are not able to work to our full potential and hence, we fall behind in this race of life.

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