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Very deeply described by the author. I started reading it and just after the completion of five lines I went on and on, and I didn’t realize when it did come to an end. The topic on which almost each one of us can relate to. The deeper meaning can be understood once you get to that phase. Each and everything described in the article is beautifully written and has a deep connection to the life. I can relate to almost everything here. I joined B School recently, going to shift abroad for a couple of years and my mental state is more or less the same. Worried about my parents. This article touched that nerve of mine. I heard once an old gentleman said, “Are you worried? Want to get rid of them? Create a bigger one.” I laughed and moved on. Once while in so-called ‘deep-thinking-mode’ I observed those lines were very true. Whenever there is a more complicated situation around us, we tend to forget the smaller one. Its impact also seems negligible. Worries are inevitable, no one has a perfect life. Do you have? But that’s what life is. Isn’t it? You must have ups and downs. Life is about the journey not about the destination. We know our destination, right? As quoted in the article ‘Jo upjo so binas, paro aaj ke kaal’. It’s perhaps the ‘gist’ and the ‘truth’ of life. We are homo sapiens and care is one of the things that describes us. As the author said care is what triggers worry. If we don’t care, will we get worried about anything? So, to worry is your decision, if one care there is no way one can skip it. In the end, I would like to thank the author for stating, “Meanwhile, if you have any worry, you can outsource it to me! “

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