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Dear Ma’am I am moved by your article. I could completely relate to it because I am also one such being who worries a lot. Sometimes, I even think that probably I am the only person who worries to such a great extent, but then finding someone similar helps me to worry less about it. The higher order worries that you have written about, they bother me as well. The thoughts about my parents getting old and my grandmother getting even older and not being able to spend enough time with them worry me. Six months back, my mother got promoted to the next level, because of which she had to move to another city, my father is staying in a different city, my brother went abroad for higher studies and I came to Mumbai, this worries me because all my family members are staying at different places and I am not sure when will we all be together. I think we tend to worry about these things because we love and care about people who are close to us. One month back, one of my previous colleagues lost his father, the news struck me so hard that I couldn’t concentrate on my work for some time. When I hear such news, I start relating it to myself and that makes me worry about my own family. But now, I try to look at things from different perspective, though it is not always possible, I try to focus on the point that I cannot control the things around me by worrying about them, so I try to keep these thoughts away and I have made this a norm to talk to my loved ones more often because ultimately, it’s all about our priorities. I understand that there are situations when we have to focus upon certain things in life, but it is the happiness of people around us that keeps us moving ahead. I think worry stems from two main reasons. One is from over-thinking about what had happened in the past, the things which are already over but still have a significant impact on our mind consciously or subconsciously. The second reason is when we keep on thinking about future, playing the possible outcomes in our minds on repeat mode. I know the reasons why I worry, but still can’t change them. I have realized that if we try to do best possible things for others and ourselves at present, it will reduce our worries and the worries of those who care about us as well. Though, it is not possible for me to just completely get rid of my worrying nature, but I am trying my best to live in the present moment, because we can never be sure of what will happen in future!

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