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Dear Ma’am, this is probably one of the most relatable blogs I have read till now. Worrying has become such an integral part of our lives. Without it as a part of mindset, it seems like there is some kind of a void in our lives. Talking about this instance, when I got over with my Class XII CBSE board exams, I had nothing to do for a few days. I was just idle. This was actually bothering, I was not able to accept that I am not doing anything. Time and again, I used to think that I should start studying again before I realized that it was over. Of course, this is at a very small scale compared to what you have shared but I feel it will convey my idea. What if there are much less worries? What if we see them in a different light? Consider them as not worries but as responsibilities and as a part of life or as work. If we did not have all these “worries”, our life would have been more or less uninteresting. This is one component which is indispensable, we may think that without it, we are better off, but that may not be the case. These “worries” give us some goals in life, small daily routine goals or long term goals. The aim is to play along. We just have to consider them as part of our lives and everything else falls into place. The board exams anecdote helped me realize the same. As you mentioned at the end that worrying does not help, so do not worry about the things you have to do. Of course, one may feel it is easier said than done. How can one not worry about one’s parents or one’s future? How can one not worry about one’s job or one’s exams? Well, there is a fine line between being worried and being considerate/ responsible. The things remain the same, the emotions remain the same, it is the intensity that matters. For example, I should be considerate about I family but only to the point where it does not start affecting me. Because in that case, I would not be able to provide any support to my family. Rather, I may turn out to be another cause of worry for the entire family. It is also about how I perceive these tasks. If I take them to be “worries”, it will have a negative impact on me, both mentally and physically. I may even project a negative image to the people around me. But if I take them as my goals, as my challenges, it may me with a positive outlook to life for each challenge-worry I overcome, I will have a certain sense of achievement. So, yes all of us have worries, some small and others too big to handle, but in my opinion, the biggest way to manage worries is to not consider them as worries.

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