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Thankyou ma’am for writing this blog, I feel a bit at peace to know that there are people, who are like me, who worry too much and to know the reasons for their worries (after reading the blog and the comments). The title of the blog put me in a question – what is the situation where you want the life to become endless. But after reading the blog I understood that you meant we worry about small things so much that it seems till eternity. I have been a kind of person who worries about small things so much that people call me ‘serious’ and ask me if the burden of whole world is on my shoulders. Hence, I could relate to this and the flow and structure of the blog made me understand the intensity of the worries felt by you, how it piled up on you and the truth behind worrying about small things. The teachings of your father, that you have mentioned in the blog, are helpful; it tries to explain the difficult lessons of life in simple terms – Life is mortal and worry only about those things that were not supposed to happen normally. I am a kind of person who derives motivation from my worries but sometimes it puts me in a situation where I am not able to handle the stress. When I was in 10th standard, I was worried about my board exam and I was not able to sleep the whole night before my first exam. That night my parents sat beside me and explained me that not sleeping and thinking about the exam won’t help me and it would degrade my health. But I guess it didn’t help me much as I could not stop worrying about things. As time passed my worries changed to important ones but they were still about the predictable things in life. A small event in my life that doesn’t end up as I had imagined makes me worry more. After reading about the feelings you have for your parents and how you want them to be with you forever, I feel that my worries of failing in exam when I know that I have worked for it; failing to achieve my life dream; are small. I felt that I am young to think about a situation where I will miss my parents, but some recent incidents in my life have made me think on these lines. I came across various incidents faced by my friends, where the healthy members of their family suddenly passed away, which made me afraid and think about the people close to me. I realised that I have absorbed myself so much in my life that I am not able to talk to them. I call them when I am free, ask them about their life and I let them know that they are an important part of life, I love them and miss them. Even after understanding this all, I can’t help myself but worry about minute things just to keep me occupied with them and not think about the actual worries.

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