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A very relatable, emotional article ma’am. While reading the article I could relate to so many things. The small points mentioned in the article regarding worries took me into my past and experience the worries I have had and those I have currently. I am aware that you have far more experienced to comment on such worries, but surprisingly there are few intersections. I am 25, and if someone cares to peek into my mind, he would find a plethora of worries, tensions, concerns etc. I would like to relate to the worries that I used to have when I was at home till standard 12th. Till that time, honestly, I wasn’t worried about myself or my career, probably because of the age and comfortable environment that I was staying. As you pointed out worries of pets, clothes etc, it reminds me that while I was in class 12th, every night it was my responsibility to put lock on the doors and what I would do is to put the lock and then for at least 10-15 second would shake the lock and check if it is getting opened. I used to feel strange anxiety that the lock shouldn’t remain opened. I also used to be very sincere, play by rules and polite student in my school, although I wasn’t the same in my friend circle. I was worried that my actions would cause me problem in school and at home. I am not saying that I shouldn’t be sincere and polite, but I feel somewhere I was not being true myself. Even during my college, I used to get worried about small things educations wise and never really worried on life issues. I It was during my work for 2 years at Bangalore, when I started earning, I started having these feelings of “What will I do without my parents”. Probably, staying alone and getting hard earned money, getting a call every night about what I ate, what I am doing, asking small things strengthened my worries. Now that I am here at SPJIMR, I am constantly worried about doing well here, consecutively getting well placed, get a house and bring my parents to stay with me. One day, I was watching the movie “baaghban” with my parents, and my dad started teasing and joked that “Will you do like this, we have to go old care”. When he said that, I know he didn’t mean or wish anything like that but it really bothered me that I really need to be appreciable, thankful of parents and whatever happens I am solely responsible for their care. Now, both my parents have health issues, I am worried for them and they keep saying the old cliché things “our days are near”. I have started ignoring it and rather motivate them by saying things like “these things happen at old age”. I am aware that I cannot feel the pain that they are in, but my intentions are to ease them into a situation which is usual, often accepted so that they don’t feel things are changing badly, they don’t worry. I am worried about these things, but I have come to realize that things on which you don’t have control, being worried about it makes your present less fun and fulfilling. We often tend to blackmail our present to ruin our future and being worried all time reduces the fun of that moment, living in that moment.

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