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Dear Ma’am I have been able to relate with your thoughts and feel that worrying has become so integral to me that I should worry about myself now. From the day I started thinking I feel that I started worrying first and then rest thoughts came in. I have worried about everything that one could possibly worry for. So trivial have been my worries that when I think of them today I laugh at my younger self but at that time these worries were too big. My mom as per her daily routine used to come back by 3.30 pm from school. For every second that ticked on the clock post 3.30 my worries grew. I thought of all scenarios that must have caused her to come late and in each scenario I used to worry. Not that I could have done anything but still I worried. So was my worrying justified? I feel that if I start to worry about someone I care for them and have a lot of love for them, hence I worry that if anything ill happens what would I do? Another aspect is the guilt that comes if anything bad happens because you feel that you could have done something to avoid it. This again adds to the worry I worry in layers. The first layer is just a small thought that comes into my mind regarding their well-being. Then as the layers open up the worst case scenarios come up in my mind and then I start worrying more and more. I feel that this worry has also kept me close to the people whom I love. Due to this constant worry I keep in touch with them and ensure that they are doing okay. This reduces my worries regarding them and then I can focus on other things to worry. As ma’am you mentioned, these small worries keep the larger worries at bay and this I feel is actually good for us. Constantly worrying about the bigger worries will not make us appreciate the smaller things in life. Life is all about living in the moment and enjoying the beauty of it every second. But still I worry about the future that is yet to come. I think that I have been tuned to worry and I shall worry till the end. Still I am happy because these worries help me take care of my loved ones and when they are happy I feel happy. So by worrying for others in a way has been providing me happiness.

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