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I was so relieved after reading this, that there is someone else too who shares this nature with me. Ma’am even I have this habit of worrying about anything and everything. In my case these worries, this nature of mine is referred to as overthinking. My mind is never at peace and I am constantly thinking about something. Even while I am writing this I am thinking about my day ahead, worried that I have so much to do, worried that my best friend is organizing an event and I can’t even call her up, worried about mom’s knee problem as her workload has increased these days and there are no helping hands, worried about the fact that I won’t be able to meet my family for another fortnight... Even when I am completely at peace, or on a trip I am constantly thinking about planning the trip ahead and making sure that it is perfect. I am usually sure about the big decisions that I take in life but constantly worried about people around me. Though I have come to terms with this nature of mine, it has given me a permanent problem “migraine”. I have consulted several doctors for this, with nothing much fruitful coming out of it. I still remember, when my parents asked doctor if there is any cure for migraine or if we can find out the root cause of the pain. Doctor said, “Ma’am you will get a Nobel prize if you can cure this human nature problem”. On that day when I sat with my Dad he asked me, why am I worrying about everything. He said “Shraddha, I am still sitting here alive. You don’t have to worry about anything”. At that moment, I suddenly got a secured feeling and knew I have to fight this habit of mine not only to ease my pain but to make my parents not feel sorry about my condition. I took doctor’s advice and practiced Yoga and found out that dance brought me peace of mind. I took homeopathy medicines and my migraine is now fairly under control. In the last few years I figured out the most important thing for me to stop worrying, the “secured” feeling which I got when I hugged my Dad. So, even today whenever I am down just few words from him are enough to lift my spirits. It’s not that he solves the problem, but somehow, I find the strength to fight! Even now my habit of worrying has not gone completely but I have learnt to keep it under check. I still worry about my mom’s health, my sister’s career but in a healthy way to solve their problems and not aggravate them through my constant nagging. Now that I have finished, the first thing I will do to ease my worrying is call up my dad and ask him about my mom’s health. I have come a long way but still have a few miles to cover…

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