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I completely agree with you ma'am. Worrying has become like an integral part of life. Be it any part of life, often we worry about things. Some of them would be important life changing decisions and as in most of the cases would be trivial things. Early in childhood it used to be about doing homework and exams, We grew up to worry about future. Whether I should take science or commerce. What will happen in future? Lot of more which came in as we grew further. Now the interesting thing to note is even though we have no clue about what future has in store for us, we still worry. What's the point of worrying about something we can't do anything about. I may be criticized for this. You would say that even though we don't know what future holds for us but by choosing a correct curse of action we can steer our future and increase the chances of it being good. To this I would completely agree and this is something I have learned growing up in life. What I would to say here is that, there is still no need to worry. Worrying stresses your brain. stress in turn negatively affects your creativity and novelty. So you are not able to think through. That is the decision you would take and the performance you deliver would not be the best one you are capable of. As a result, you are impacting your future. Now this becomes a vicious circle. Under performance leads to un-expected results which leads to worry and again to under performance and so on. So idea is to not worry but focus on present, give your best and good results will cheer you up leading to again no cause of worry.

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