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“To Hold On To” a thoughtfully written article by Prof. Sarabjeet Natesan wherein the author has walked us through the memory lane. As rightly mentioned, as years pass by, memories are collected and things associated with those memories become an integral part of our life. We fear that letting go off old things might make us forget the valuable memories associated with it. This article reminds me of my very own case wherein knowingly/unknowingly I have started collecting the things which are associated with the memories I deem as precious. Like the birthday greetings which my cousins sent since childhood, my first leather cricket bat bought by my Dad when I was in 4th grade, shirt which I wore to meet my wife (girlfriend then) for the first time etc. Even though my wife threatens me to throw away old things and to use my memorable shirt to clean the house, I have been successful to safeguard these things against all odds. My Mom keeps complaining about all the old things that I have gathered but I make her realize that even she has gathered things like my childhood clothes which she is reluctant to part away. No matter who it is, everybody cherish the memory and material things act as a life line to these memories. Life has become very busy due to the competitive world and hectic life style wherein we have to keep running each and every day. These memories might not be occurring to me regularly. However, whenever I encounter the things associated with these memories, I just sit back and cherish those moments. This gives a sense of happiness and joy. At the end it is these memories that makes Life and without it life would be like a robot. No matter how hard we try to let go off things and find a thousand reasons for the same but there would be a million reasons against it.

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