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So you finally got introduced to the concept known as BEING HUMAN. Yes it is a human tendency to make collection of valuable things. Your blog reminded me one of my air journey where I was too committed to take less luggage so that I can save time in check-in luggage procedures at airport. As I started my packing every family member was having a contribution to my journey. Mother was having MUST HAVES so my wife also insisted to carry REQUIRED items. I landed up with hand baggage of 9 KGs. So check in was again required. We are social animals and we should be proud of people who really make us realize, on time to time that you are being taken care of, you are missed and on top of that you are not realizing the value of stuff when crisis will come!! It may not come but what if it will! Less luggage always guarantee a hassle less journey. But if you face extreme weather you really need that umbrella which you refuse to take while packing isn’t it! When I am alone I go through my all old stuff. It reminds me old memories. I keep those things because they are reminds me of particular place, how I bought them, why I choose that stuff and most importantly my sub conscious mind didn’t allow me to throw it away being emotionally attached to them. Lucky ones get that sort of family who stick to you by every means. I am Hindu and on Diwali it’s a custom to clean the clutter of house on a day prior to Diwali. This custom gives a strong message i.e. cleaning of clutter is essential before celebration. I have big notebook of my memories. I have given it name JOURNEY CALLED LIFE. Wherever I go I took 2-3 pics and a small article or something special to keep in my book. Whenever I feel down or low I look back and by turning the pages it reminds me of my whole journey in a shot. I have done so much of shopping for my family and of course for me. But every time when I remind myself about over flow of wardrobes, a part of me refuse to take that input. Maybe yes this thought is creating lot of clutter but sometime I feel like uncle Scrooge ( Disney cartoon) when I turn to my wardrobe and feel like a king. YES I have every possible fashion garment and I am blissful to able to make my life comfortable to such extend. I feel good when I shop for my family members. So in my view keeping less material will serve purpose for those who are on shorter journey and ready for shop when in need or cut down on few essential desires. I am here to enjoy my journey till I reach my destination. Yes I keep getting rid of clutter time to time and make sure my near and dear ones are not hurt.

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