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It was indeed heart thumping lines about how one has to clean parent’s home after they have parted us. It is even more touching to see that our parents have cherished those petty things of our childhood (which of course we feel useless) so judiciously and as preciously as if they have lives in them! Sometimes I find that my mother still has that nursery exam sheets of mine… I wonder that apple is shabbily coloured with green colour on it and my mother when reads it has peach colour on her cheeks smiling as if it was no less than a MF Hussain art! I think it is love that makes us feel complete. We are here only materialistically, creating lavish memories. We have choices of holding or discarding the materialistic world! We enter into a mesmerizing arena where we ourselves do not know what memories we create while we talk, while we laugh, while we scold, while we cajole, while we teach, while we preach and while we think! I appreciate the thoughts like Sarabjeet to hang on with materialistic pleasures to keep ourselves free from the worldly bondages; to keep one free from any clings or burdens to carry on further. But I feel the social aspect of our being on this planet will not allow us to let that happen. We can limit our requirements but we cannot limit our emotions. We are taught to speak freely but we teach ourselves to love wholeheartedly! We create and connect emotions with the materialistic world. It is not the t-shirt of Sarabjeet’s kids that was missing when she used it as a duster, it is that moment that they had invested in buying it. It was not the mini mall items that Sarabjeet loved… it was the time invested, the thoughts invested by her kids in that small materialistic thing that she loved. I think we are in love with most precious thing one can gift us and that is his/her time! On introspect I find we are more cluttered in our thoughts than our homes. Rather than cleaning the homes which vanishes the memories of the precious time gifted to us, we should Ctrl + Del the memories of the bad times gifted to us by others. I am not against cleaning our homes. On a lighter note, I am a 5S auditor wherein cleaning is certainly promoted by me. But do we really clean our thoughts! Which are corrupt, which are evil and nascent, which have jealousy, which are mundane, which have ruthless, which have hatred in it and which has no life in it. I think if we purify and cleanse our conscience and trash those negative emotions that we are holding from years; we shall be able to create a more memorable, diviner and enchanting lives for our next generation. I think such a life has lot to teach not only ourselves but the entire fraternity! In love with life.

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