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This was indeed a beautifully presented piece of writing and one worth reading. This one dilemma, of holding on or letting go, is something that almost everyone has faced once in their lives. Whether it be things, memories, or people it becomes difficult to let them go if you have an emotional connect. And I’m going through something similar. This is the first time that I’m staying away from my home, my family. And this dilemma of letting go was faced by both me and my family. Being the youngest one in the house I have always been the most pampered one not just by my parents but also my big brother, actually more so by him than them. So coming to a new city, all alone, I had this fear of leaving everything and everyone behind, all my things, my room, my friends, my family, and most importantly my dog. Whether it be my oldest watch which my brother gifted me and doesn’t even work today or that one sweater which my mother knitted for me which I will never need in Mumbai’s weather, I wanted to pack everything and bring it with me. These were the little things that are of no use to me today but still have a great importance in my life. Even back at home, when at times I used to come across this box filled with all such things, there was always a smile on my face, and I feel that this smile is worth keeping these things, rather memories, with me and not discarding them away. Now on my family’s part, it was quite difficult on their part as well to let me go. Like any parent, they were sending their little one out there all alone and there was again this fear of letting go. Letting go anything is tough only because of the memories that are attached with them. And these memories are always because of the times that you’ve shared with people that matter to you. So essentially at the end of the day, you’re just trying to hold on to those people who you love and care. And letting go people is the most difficult thing to do. This blog took me back and reminded me of all the people in my life that I’ve come across and cared for. All the friends that I’ve made and all the memories that I’ve shared with them. And if asked today, that will I be able to let go them? The answer is no. Not just because I’ve shared good times and memories with them, but also because that’s what has made me who I am today.

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