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So relatable and so remarkable. Thank you for sharing these thoughts, which have left me contemplating about my relations from past, present and even future. I am no stranger to the ardent process of packing and unpacking bags for all kinds of trips, short or long. Moving from Delhi to Jaipur, Jaipur to Udaipur and eventually to Mumbai has left me experienced in wrapping things up not only in a physical sense but also in terms of emotions. Promises of keeping in touch, having reunions, and celebrating the big days together are as reliable as the promise I make to myself to save more money next month. During college, the eager teenager in me just wanted to go home every other weekend and never delayed packing. Give me 10 minutes and I was ready with my bag full of dirty clothes. Although, a duffel bag was always folded and placed to bring back loads of food. The trip ended as Monday approached and I got used to living of those bags. I didn't unpack for weeks. it was a denial to accept I had moved away from Home. My habit turned into a belief that a long holiday was always just around the corner. After 5 years now I have learned though. I now take my time to pack, knowing I have to return back in 2 days and will only carry what is needed. I now unpack on the same day, it helps me settle in. No denying of the truth. The side effect of this is the feeling of rashness quite similar to what you described in your initial paragraphs. I settle in so quickly that i forget what I have left behind. Minimum calls, no texts and no worrying about dear ones. I move on from a location, from the feeling of my previous residence. Alas, similar to your case, this does not last. The newness gets over and once I get into a routine I notice what's lacking. The nostalgia is overwhelming and I run back with all my vigour to my safe state. Conversations with family and friends which last entire nights, browsing phone for old pics and returning a long owed favour are just some ways in which I force myself to relive the past. We are learning here to manage our time between activities of the present and activities of the future. The professional life has no space for devoting time to the past. This leads to virtual relationships and hollow ties. We tend to assign colleagues as our friends and the manager as our elder brother. Even on breaks, one treads with caution, whether to commit again to family or just avoid the whole thing altogether as it is meant to doom. These thoughts are rarely on my mind, but the words of this post transported me into a place where I could think of little else. I settle myself now focusing on people who do manage going places and still having presence back home. My father remains the torchbearer for me in this lineup. A friend, an uncle and my brother all serve as people to be inspired from. Indeed, life doesn’t teach us anything. Thank you again for the lovely post.

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