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I’m indeed touched after reading the poignant article, written so beautifully. Thank you so much ma’am for writing this, it gave me a much needed wake-up call and forced me to stop and reflect which we as MBA students require but don’t generally get time for. My coming to Mumbai for the first time out of my hometown after leaving my home, my parents and my younger brother was the reason I could relate to the blog so much. I was always under the impression that I have to be away from my family only for these two years while I’m pursuing my MBA. I always imagine myself going back to Delhi, to my parents and continuing my life exactly from where I left it. However, post reading the blog I realised that perhaps I was living in a fantasy world. We don’t have the luxury to choose what happens even tomorrow, let alone two years down the line. We try hard to believe and make others believe what we want. In the blog also, things like cutlery and other furniture, weren’t taken to Mumbai maybe because the inherent desire to return back was so ardent. However, gradually you had to settle in and that was where it struck me that we don’t have the luxury to steer our lives towards the way we want and sometimes we just move the way life takes us. An important learning from here is to enjoy wherever life takes you. The piece where you’ve mentioned cleaning up your mother’s cutlery reminded me of a similar incident when my grandma’s belongings were sealed in a big box after she left us. I wanted to take those things and preserve them forever. Her small gold ‘disco’ chain, a name given by me and my grandmother when I was a kid, was something I could never forget. After reading the blog, my mind was inundated with memories of the past and I began to question life. Our lives are so busy that we don’t realise the pace with which we move ahead and leave things behind. The deep words of Mr. William Henry Davies from the poem ‘Leisure’ can never leave my mind- “What is this life full of care, we’ve no time to stand and stare” Only when we look back, we realise that the things have changed so much. People, things, situations which once used to matter, do not now. Things which we thought we cannot live without aren’t even something we miss now. On the contrary sometimes objects become cues to our past. Things with absolutely no value become priceless just because of the memories associated. Another important question which cropped up in my mind post reading the blog was: Is it good to get attached to things and associate them with people or should we follow the approach of detaching ourselves from things so that we aren’t reminded of the people we associate these things? Is it all about moving ahead in life?

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