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I thank Dr. Sarabjeet Natesan for such an emotionally appealing write up. It beautifully puts forth some of the tough things about staying away from family & certain silly things we do to keep them close to us. I can easily relate to this write up since I have stayed away from home since I turned 16. My initial hostel days were depressing & I missed everything about my house- even the taste of the water from our well. Gradually I got accustomed to the hostel and friends, but still I kept missing home. Once when my parents came to visit me, I asked them to bring my pillow. This made a world of difference; suddenly I did not feel so far from home. One of the biggest challenges I had to face in 2017, was getting married and joining a b-school two months after the marriage. Although we have known each other for 9 years now, staying away from each other after marriage was bound to be tough. She went to Hyderabad a week before my scheduled departure to Mumbai. When she insisted on packing for me, little did I realize that she would sneak out one of my favorite shirts and take it to Hyderabad as a souvenir. I recognized this ‘theft’ only after she came on skype donning this blue colored shirt that was drooping over her shoulders. Apparently, she was ashamed to ask such silly things. People attach their emotions to certain things; some even go to the extent of relating their success with certain things. Everybody has always had a lucky bat , a lucky boot or lucky pen at some point of their lives. This tendency is more so when one gets separated from their family. Quoting from Professor’s blog “the regular has become precious and the precious has become prized”. Things that might be discarded as of no value can potentially become a window to nostalgic memories and belongingness. Resuming from where I left with my story, I showed my wife a piece of paper and asked her to read it. This was something she had written for me 4 years ago and I have always carried it around in my wallet since then. The shirt is her link to me and the letter is my link to her. It is natural human tendency to want to be with people they love and people do unexplainable things for love. Often, in times of distress these things can be a source of inspiration & hope. As the title suggests, the human tendency to hold on to far away love or memories of a departed loved one manifests into associating them with their personal belongings & adds value to otherwise invaluable things. It is not silly, but the very soul of human behavior without which we will be nothing but living robots.

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