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Thank you Ms. Sarabjeet Natesan for sharing this inspiring experience. I really admire your bold step of taking up minimalist living in a new city. I think we can all relate to your story in so many ways. Moving to a hostel is a very similar experience we all went through recently. This was my first time moving out of home and like any other parents, mine not only over-packed my luggage with food, appliances and clothes, they also booked tickets for themselves and my sister to help me get settled here properly. Hence, the first week of my hostel life was nowhere like the fresh start and a new beginning like I had planned it to be. On top of being overloaded with academic work in the first week, I was all over the place trying to unpack, find a space for things and buying new things as my lovely mother had over-anticipated everything that I would need in a hostel. Little did she know that I would be bringing a suitcase full of things back home with me on the very first visit. Now my hostel room was de-cluttered but my home and my room back home was overloaded with my things. I came back home after a long day and a delayed flight. We, as Indians, have the habit of hoarding things. That teddy bear from 3rd class is still used as a showpiece by the bed. My wall-hanging (craft project from school) is still on my door. My pictures with college friends are still stuck on the pin-board. I was back in the room where I have lived all my childhood. And the things in that room made it my home. In that moment I realized how much more comfortable and welcoming my cluttered room was than my de-cluttered hostel room. Living minimalist is a concept hyped all across the world and no doubt there are many advantages to it. Like Ms. Sarabjeet Natesan aptly stated, you have the power or leaving the place anytime you want. You shop less and save money on useless things. You have a cleaner and a more open living space. However, it is the things and the clutter that make you feel a sense of belonging. Without a clutter of things carrying memories, a home is just a house. One might not carry everything around with them, but a few things that ground you to your past happy memories are definitely needed.

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